Format: Mini-album (CD, LP, DL, Stream)
Release date: 2003
LabelRumraket / The Leaf Label (worldwide re-release in 2005)
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  1. Kloy Gyn

  2. Antitech

  3. Redrop

  4. Bright

  5. Filmsonic XL


Created using only small-scale digital equipment and a few live instruments, this is the debut EP and first Efterklang recordings to be released. It was released first on Rumraket in 2003 in a special handmade edition of 500 copies. In 2005 Springer was re-released worldwide by The Leaf Label. 

“We recorded our debut EP, Springer, in the winter of 2003. Our ambition was to be able to present some material to get us gigs at local venues in Copenhagen, but we came to like the recordings so much we decided to self-release them as an EP. We made 500 covers by hand, using white fake fur and a sewing machine, and sold them to friends and through a couple of Danish record stores.”

Springer features tiny bits of guest brass and more prominently guest vocal by Linda Drejer Bonde.