Format: One-sided LP (Vinyl, DL, Stream)
Release date: December 2006
Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl
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Side A:

  1. Falling Post

  2. God Vind, Kaptajn!

  3. Tu Es Mon Image

Side B features no music, but an etching by artist Nan Na Hvass


Recorded for Scott Hatch's Burnt Toast Vinyl label series ‘One-Sided LPs’.

Of the three tracks on One-Sided LP, one features Efterklang collaborating with famed Danish singer Martin Hall who provides the vocals for ‘Tu Es Mon Image’. The LP jacket features a faraway portrait of the band in keeping with the portrait theme for cover artwork in the Burnt Toast Vinyl one-sided LP series. One of the special features of the One-Sided LP series is that the other ‘blank’ side of the vinyl is imprinted with a hand etching, in this case by artist Nan Na Hvass.

The two songs ‘Falling Post’ and ‘God Vind’, ‘Kaptajn!’ were exclusively available on the vinyl release, and ‘Tu Es Mon Image’ was previously been released in Denmark on Martin Hall´s album ‘Facsimile’.