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Our first Acoustic Video Session is now Online!

August 17, 2008 by Barnabas

The sweet blog-folks from Le Cargo ask us to do an acoustic version of one of our songs (blogotheque style), earlier this year at the Dour Festival, BE. We chose to do Mirador, and it was so much fun!!! Enjoy yourself:)

Please comment here:

ps. Also we would like thank all the people who made it to our shows earlier this week with The National. We had such an incredible time, and the guys from the band are just as lovely and fantastic in persons as they sound!

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Mirador video interpretation/remake by Molly (10) & Jojo (7)

July 7, 2008 by Rasmus

We have just come across this on youtube. It is über cool! We love it! Thank you Molly and Jojo!!!!!

Here is what Molly and Jojo´s Father says about the video:
Ever wonder what that strange video is about, with the little bird-guy? We sure did! We even wrote to Efterklang to ask them, but they never wrote back (red. we did write back actually). So what DO we know? Well for one thing, it seems that Danish people like to whisper and mumble when they sing: “Something smthg smthg smthg Mountains… smthg smthg smthg Sea…” Well, wonder no more! Here is the video that will explain it all for you! The new words are by Molly (10) and Jojo (7). It should all be perfectly clear to everyone after this!

Keyboards and vocals by Molly; Drums and vocals by Jojo. (Daddy helped with counting out all those weird “12′s” and “13′s”…)

Animation is by Molly, Jojo, Charlie and Daddy. We tried every kind of animation we could do in the living room: Forest World and Birdie Ski-Lift by Jojo; Paint World by Charlie (and Daddy); Lollipop World by Molly; BerryWorld by Daddy; Birdie and Fishie Flying by Molly and Jojo.

“The Extra Mounten” storybook by Jojo

(Weird Doors)

Wandering through the woods so far
Diving into the ocean
From clouds to sea
Just use the mountain to reach the sky…
La la la la, la la
Fall down from the flowers
Loopdy loop and fall
The extra mounten
Once there were mountens
The mounten was sad,
One day a Mama was getting a baby
The baby was coming
The baby came
Despite all the strange melting away
From lollypop Land
Painting a world
Look out for THE CROCODILE
Falling straight through
Blueberries and stars
Strawberries too

and now for the masterpiece video and new version of our song!

Watch the official music video by Nan Na Hvass & UFEX here

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Caravan – new single and video!!!

March 30, 2008 by Rasmus

Caravan our new single is available digitally @

The digital version holds 4 tracks
01 Caravan
02 The Romance on Mammoth Hill
03 Caravan (Max de Wardener Remix)
04 Mirador (Vincent Oliver Remix)

The single is also out as a limited 7 inch vinyl. It’s available on

Please have a look at the video directed by Anders Morgenthaler!! It is produced by CopenhagenBombay and we owe great thanks to everybody who was involved!

watch a 35MB quicktime in good quality here: Caravan as quicktime movie

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Thank you Berlin, Leipzig and Münster!!

February 3, 2008 by Rasmus

Efterklang audience in Leipzig
left side of the lovely audience in Leipzig

So far this new European tour is AMAZING!!!!
We have played for about 1000 people so far in 3 shows and we are very happy!!

Especially the show in Leipzig was incredible! Check this video of the audience singing the outro of Chapter 6.

Efterklang in Leipzig
from left Casper, Rasmus, Thomas, Peter, Frederik, Niklas, Anna, Mads and Christian

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new video!! Illuminant directed by Tobias Stretch

January 24, 2008 by Rasmus

Almost 6 months ago Tobias emailed us and asked if he could make a music video for Efterklang. We looked at his previous works and thought this can only be interesting and accepted Tobias´very kind offer.

Then silence… We hear nothing until just two weeks ago when Tobias email us the almost finished video. We are left in awe. He has given our song Illuminant a completely new life and together with his incredible images and story made it a unique piece of art.

You can download the video in better resolution right here.

You can see more of Tobias Stretchs work at his home page Here is two photos of Tobias making the Illuminant video.

Tobias Strech making the Illuminant video Tobias Stretch making the video for Illuminant by Efterklang

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