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Two New Videos – Black Summer & Between The Walls

October 23, 2013 by Rasmus

We are proud and happy to present these two new videos. Please give them 10 minutes of your time. We promise that it will be worthwhile. Both videos are a piece of art in their own right.

The video for Black Summer is made by Everything All at Once, a new Vancouver, CA based studio consisting of Kevan Funk and Benjamin Loeb.

The video for Between The Walls is made by the Copenhagen based director Sebastian Birk. The video features Sara Hjort and Peter Hald in the leading roles.

Both songs are taken from our Piramida album from September 2012.
Today we embark on a 5 week tour, that will be our final longer tour for a long time to come. Catch us if you can. Dates can be found here.

Hope you will enjoy the videos.
Credits and more info can be found on the Youtube page for the videos.

BETWEEN THE WALLS by Sebastian Birk

Watch here if you live in Germany or other countries where this videos might be blocked.

BLACK SUMMER by Everything All At Once

Watch here if you live in Germany or other countries where this videos might be blocked.

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New Video For Monument – Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Piramida and the Release of The Ghost of Piramida

September 25, 2013 by Rasmus

This new video for ‘Monument’ by Andreas Koefoed and Hvass&Hannibal marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of our 4th album ‘Piramida‘ of which ‘Monument’ is the closing song.

It also honours ‘The Piramida Concert‘, the live album we released June 10th 2013 together with the classical orchestra Copenhagen Phil.

And further it marks the digital release of Andreas Koefoed’s Efterklang documentary ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘. On Friday, September 27th, ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘ will be made available for online renting and download at Pre-order of the film is already available.

Thats a lot of celebration and referencing for just one video, but let us explain how it is all connected.

Both recordings of ‘Monument‘ are featured in this music video. First half of the uses the album version of the song and then follows the live version of ‘Monument’ from ‘The Piramida Concert’.

The 8mm footage used in the video is filmed by Alexander Ivanovic Naumkin, who lived in Piramida (Pyramiden) for many years and who plays a leading role in Andreas Koefoed’s film ‘The Ghost of Piramida’.

The music video features clips from ‘The Ghost of Piramida’ documentary and also artwork and animations by Hvass&Hannibal, who also did all the artwork for ‘Piramida’ and ‘The Piramida Concert’ releases.

(if you live in Germany, then watch the video at

No one, but Nan Na and Sofie (of Hvass&Hannibal) and Andreas could have made this video. They have been some of our closest and must trusted collaborators on this entire Piramida project. The others are Francesco Donadello and our live band: Martyn HeyneTatu RönkkëKatinka Fogh VindelevBudgie and Peter Broderick + crew: Anders BollStuart Bailes and Nico de Rooij.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!
Hope you enjoyed the video and please enjoy the film on Friday.

The Piramida tour is coming to an end, but we hope to see you at one of the last shows. In the near future we will visit Germany, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bucharest, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, ChinaHong Kong and Norway. And then it all ends with a very special concert together with Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester February 26th 2014 on Als in Denmark where we grew up and where An Island was filmed. More info here.

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Amazingness – Surprise Videos for Told To Be Fine & Dreams Today

September 12, 2013 by Rasmus

When people create music videos for your songs without you asking them to, then you know you are a very fortunate band with many incredibly kind and talented people listening. Thank you!!

Within just two weeks we have received two of these kind of videos. Take a look here:

- unofficial video by Timothy Durand

- unofficial video by Francesca Lombardi and Giacomo Favilla

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WATCH: Efterklang Live at Route du Rock

August 29, 2013 by Rasmus

A few weeks back we played at the lovely French festival La Route du Rock in Saint-Malo. French TV was there and made a nice recording (audio and film). You can watch the concert if you click the photo below or here.

We will continue to tour throughout the year, but not as intensely as we have done in the first 8 months. We have shows coming up in England, Aarhus, The Netherlands, Hamburg, France and a longer Irish and UK tour in October. In November we will travel east. First in Europe and then in Asia – this tour will soon be announced.

Please check for an update on upcoming shows.


Photo by Mathieu Drouet

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New Efterklang Song – LOOK UP – Live from Frost

June 27, 2013 by Rasmus

Would you like to hear a new Efterklang song?
Thanks to Frost Festival you can!

Back in February we played our very first concert as a trio. It happened on top of a 1400 Ton heavy diesel engine in Copenhagen and it was all organised by the lovely Frost Festival.

The whole show consisted of new material and you can now watch and listen to our performance of the song Look Up.

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Efterklang and the Tiny Desk Concert

April 10, 2013 by Rasmus

We like the folks at NPR Music and All Songs Considered so when Bob Boilen invited us to do a Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR building in Washington, DC we happily said: Yes Please!

We even decided to perform a new song called Danish Design. It is a song originating from our process with making the Piramida album. We recently finished it and we like this song. Hope you will like it too.

This is what Bob Boilen from NPR Music / All Songs Considered wrote about this session:
Bands with big ideas work well at the Tiny Desk. Efterklang is a Danish group whose recent album Piramida took its members to an abandoned mining town between the North Pole and Norway. There, they recorded sounds of empty oil tanks, old pianos and pretty much anything they could strike or record.

It’s precisely that creative energy that led to Efterklang ransacking our kitchen utensils and desks in search of sound-making material. The band is a joy to witness live with a small orchestra, but it’s equally compelling just the way it is here, huddled around my desk and trying ideas it’s never tried. A true adventure. –BOB BOILEN

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The Ghost – New Efterklang Video by Victor Carrey + European Tour Coming Up!

April 2, 2013 by Rasmus

We are so happy with this new video! Directed by Spanish filmmaker Victor Carrey, The Ghost tells the surreal story of the curse that befalls anyone carrying an ancient amulet.

Watch The Ghost here:

For those who can’t see the YouTube version we recommend the Vimeo version.

We first met Victor Carrey in 2011 when Casper and I (Rasmus) were invited to be part of the jury for the FIB Cortos film festival in Benicassim, Spain. The winning film was Carrey’s La Huida (aka The Runaway). One the final night of celebration we decided to make a film together and The Ghost is the result. Enjoy!

The Ghost is taken from our fourth album, Piramida, out now.


APRIL 2013
Efterklang & their 6-piece Live Band
15.04 – GRONINGEN, NL – Vera | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
16.04 – ROTTERDAM, NL – Rotown | SOLD OUT | Info
17.04 – EINDHOVEN, NL – Effenaar | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
18.04 – OXFORD, UK – Academy 2 | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
19.04 – HALIFAX, UK – Halifax Minster | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
20.04 – GLASGOW, UK – The Arches | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
21.04 – BRISTOL, UK – Fleece | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
23.04 – KORTRIJK, BE – De Kreun | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
24.04 – CAEN, FR – Cargo | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
25.04 – BOURGES, FR – Le Printemps De Bourges | Info & Tickets
26.04 – PARIS, FR – Trabendo | Support: Anna Von Hausswolff | Info & Tickets
28.04 – BARCELONA, ES – La [2] De Apolo | Info & Tickets
29.04 – MADRID, ES – Teatro Lara | Info & Tickets
30.04 – PORTO, PT – Hard Club | Info & Tickets

MAY 2013
01.05 – SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, ES – Teatro Principal | Info & Tickets
02.05 – LISBON, PT – Lux | Info & Tickets
04.05 – ISTANBUL, TR – Salon | Info & Tickets
05.05 – ROME, IT – Circolo Degli Artisti | Info & Tickets
06.05 – MADONNA DELL’ALBERO (RAVENNA), IT – Bronson | Info & Tickets
07.05 – MILANO, IT – Salumeria Della Musica (VIDEO SOUND ART FESTIVAL PREVIEW) | Tickets
08.05 – MÜNICH, DE – Freiheiz | Support: Ryan Francesconi | Info & Tickets
09.05 – BRUSSELS, BE – Les Nuits Botanique | Info & Tickets
11.05 – DRESDEN, DE – Reithalle | Support: Ryan Francesconi | Info & Tickets
12.05 – BERLIN, DE – Postbahnhof | Support: Ryan Francesconi | Info & Tickets
16.05 – PRAGUE, CZ – Palác Akropolis | Info & Tickets
17.05 – TBC, PL –
18.05 – TBC, PL –

The Piramida Concert – Efterklang & Kringkastingsorkesteret conducted by Hans Ek
29.05 – BERGEN, NO – Bergen Festspillene, Grieghallen | Info & Tickets

Efterklang & their 6-piece Live Band
30.05 – NÜRNBERG, DE – Musiksaal | Info & Tickets
31.05 – NEUSTRELITZ, DE – Immergut Festival | Info & Tickets

JUNE 2013
01.06 – MANNHEIM. DE – Maifeld Derby | Info & Tickets
21.06 – LEIPZIG, DE – Parkbühne Geyserhaus | Info & Tickets
22.06 – HILVARENBEEK, NL – Best Kept Secret Festival | Info & Tickets
23.06 – COLOGNE, DE – C/O Pop / Kölner Philharmonie | Info & Tickets

JULY 2013
04.07 – TO 07.07 – Roskilde Festival, DK | Info & Tickets
09.07 – COPENHAGEN, DK – Koncerthuset | Info & Tickets
18.07 – Super Bock Super Rock Festival, PT | Info & Tickets
20.07 – Latitude Festival, UK | Info & Tickets
21.07 – Positivus Festival, LV | Info & Tickets
25.07 – GENT, BE – Boomtown Festival | Info
26.07 – DIEPHOLZ, DE – Appletree Garden | Info & Tickets
27.07 – REUTLINGEN, DE – Burning Eagle Festival | Info & Tickets

10.08 – HALDERN, DE – Haldern Pop Festival | SOLD OUT | Info
16.08 – La Route Du Rock, FR | Info & Tickets
17.08 – WINTERTHUR, CH – Musikfestwochen | Info & FREE
30.08 – End Of The Road Festival, UK | Info & Tickets

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New Efterklang Video – THE LIVING LAYER

February 12, 2013 by Rasmus

Collages of roadside snow and modern Copenhagen architecture sets the setting for this cosmic journey through the song. We are really thrilled with this video for The Living Layer from our Piramida album.

The video is made by Malthe Fischer & Eleanor Bock Lund and it features the dancers Karis Zidore, Olivia Riviere, Nanna Stigsdatter and Meleat Fredrikson.

You might know Malthe Fischer from his endeavours with the Danish band Oh No Ono. Unfortunately they are not around anymore, but we really recommend both their albums. Danish music when it is best.

Enjoy the Video!! , but before please receive a warm greeting from us. We are currently touring touring touring and we are also happy to see that so many people are hosting Private-Public Screenings of The Ghost of Piramida.

PS. If you live in Germany then use this link to watch the film.

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Sedna – New Video by Hana Miletic – HAPPY NEW YEAR

January 2, 2013 by Rasmus

SEDNA, new Efterklang Video by Hana Miletic

Sedna is the third track of our album Piramida, and apparently the favorite track of many – so we’ve been told at least.

The music video for Sedna is created by Brüssel based photographer and artist Hana Miletic and edited by Jesse Van Bauwel.

We met the director, Hana Miletic, at the FIB Cortos film festival in 2011 and we fell in love with her static video portraits, like this one. When Piramida was finished we asked Hana if she would be interested in making a music video for Sedna and yesterday the video was premiered in our Newsletter as a special New Year greeting.

The video for Sedna features a collection of video portraits of young adolescents shot during the summer of 2012 in a park (popularly referred to as Zrinjevac) in central Zagreb, Croatia.

During the years the park has become the favorite hang out spot for local alternative youth, culminating during the summer months when school is out and parents are away on holidays to the seaside. Every evening the kids come together, make music, fall in love, …  and the ‘coming of age’ takes place. In order of appearance we see Emma, Ivan, Ena, Bart, Jura, Ines, Doris, Stribor and Sara.

Watch Sedna here: WATCH SEDNA VIDEO


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49-Date European & North American Tour + Watch FM4 Radio Session

November 28, 2012 by Rasmus

This week we start our 30-date long European tour with the new 6-piece band and we are also very happy to announce our North America concert dates for 2013.

By the way, the North American tour will include a concert in Mexico City. Our very first visit to Mexico. Very happy about this.
(UPDATE  - sorry but we are having problems with the Mexican date – hope to be able to confirm it soon)

All dates can be seen below and at

Watch FM4 RADIO SESSION – Between The Walls, Black Summer & The Ghost LIVE

Back in September we had the pleasure of recording a FM4 Radio Session in Vienna at the beautiful Radiokulturhaus concert hall in Vienna. We played songs from our new album Piramida and were joined on stage by: Katinka Fogh Vindelev, Peter Broderick and Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Creatures).

FM4 is a really great station and we want to thank them again for having us back in September. You can now watch a film with three of the songs we performed Between The Walls, Black Summer and The Ghost.


with 6-piece Live band:
30.11 KATOWICE, PL – Ars Cameralis | SOLD OUT

01.12 BUDAPEST, HU – A38 | Tickets
02.12 VIENNA, AT – Arena | Tickets
03.12 LEIPZIG, DE – Centraltheater | SOLD OUT
04.12 HAMBURG, DE – Kampnagel | Tickets
05.12 BERLIN, DE – Volksbühne | SOLD OUT
07.12 ZÜRICH, CH – Kilbi Im Überall | Info/Tickets
08.12 LISBON, PT – Mexe Festival | Info/Tickets
11.12 COLOGNE, DE – Gebäude 9 | Tickets
12.12 STRASBOURG, FR – Laiterie | Tickets
13.12 PARIS, FR – Cafe De La Danse | Tickets
14.12 FRANKFURT, DE – Brotfabrik | Tickets
15.12 HANNOVER, DE – Glocksee | Tickets

January 2013:
09.01 – BREMEN, DE – Lagerhaus | Tickets
10.01 – TBA
11.01 – BOCHUM, DE – Bahnhof Langedreer | Tickets
13.01 – AMSTERDAM, NL – Melkweg | Tickets

The Piramida Concerts w. Modern Fantazias & conductor Hans Ek:
18.01 UPPSALA, SE – Uppsala Konsert & Kongress | Info & Tickets

February 2013:
Tour with 6-piece Live band:
05.02 – BASEL, CH – Hinterhof Bar
06.02 – BADEN, CH – One of a Million Festival
07.02 – ST. GALLEN, CH – Palace
08.02 – LÜZERN, CH – Südpol
09.02 – GENEVA, CH – Festival Antigel
12.02 – AARHUS, DK – Voxhall | Tickets
13.02 – AALBORG, DK – Skraaen | Tickets
14.02 – OSLO, NO – By:larm Festival | Info
15.02 – OSLO, NO – By:larm Festival | Info
16.02 – GOTHENBURG, SE – Stadsteaterns Foajébar
17.02 – COPENHAGEN, DK – Store Vega, Frost Festival | Tickets
18.02 – COPENHAGEN, DK – Dieselhouse, Frost Festival, (special trio concert) | Tickets

26.02 – BOSTON, MA – Middle East Upstairs | Tickets
27.02 – PHILADELPHIA, PA – Johnny Brenda’s | Tickets
28.02 – WASHINGTON, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel | Tickets

March 2013
01.03 – RALEIGH, NC – Kings Barcade | Tickets
02.03 – ATLANTA, GA – Earl | Tickets
03.03 – NASHVILLE, TN – The End | Tickets
05.03 – DALLAS, TX – Dan’s Silverleaf | Tickets
06.03 – AUSTIN, TX – Mohawk | Tickets
09.03 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Echoplex | Tickets
11.03 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Great American Music Hall | Tickets

13.03 – PORTLAND, OR – Doug Fir | Tickets
14.03 – VANCOUVER, BC – Biltmore | Tickets
15.03 – SEATTLE, WA – Neumo’s | Tickets
18.03 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Cedar | Tickets
19.03 – CHICAGO, IL – Lincoln Hall | Tickets
21.03 – TORONTO, ON – Canadian Music Week – Mod Club
22.03 – MONTREAL, QC – Il Motore | Tickets
23.03 – NEW YORK, NY – Bowery Ballroom

28.03 – LONDON, UK – Royal Albert Hall – special guest for The Foals – sold out


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