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Hello North America, We’re Coming Your Way, NOW!

April 19, 2008 by Barnabas

Finally, we can confirm the very first US Tour in Efterklang history! We’ve worked and hoped for this to happen for a very long time, and now it’s time!

designed by Nan Na Hvass

Here’s the grand master plan for our north american roundabout:

06.05 – Denver, CO / Larimer Lounge / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
07.05 – Salt Lake City, UT / Urban Lounge / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
09.05 – Portland, OR / Doug Fir / w. Subtle & Slaraffenland / tickets
10.05 – Seattle, WA / Nectar Lounge / w. Subtle & Slaraffenland / tickets
11.05 – Eugene, OR / WOW Hall / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
12.05 – San Francisco, CA / Bottom Of The Hill / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
13.05 – Visalia, CA / Cellar Door / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
14.05 – Los Angeles, CA / Spaceland / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
15.05 – San Diego, CA / Casbah / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
16.05 – Tucson, AZ / Plush / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
17.05 – Phoenix, AZ / Modified / w. Slaraffenland
19.05 – Denton, TX / Hailey’s / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
20.05 – Austin, TX / Mohawk / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
22.05 – Atlanta, GA / Drunken Unicorn / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
23.05 – Chapel Hill, NC / Local 506 / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
24.05 – Washington, DC / Rock and Roll Hotel / w. Subtle & BMSR / tickets
26.05 – Philadelphia, PA / The First Unitarian Church / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
27.05 – Hamden, CT / The Space / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
28.05 – New York, NY / Knitting Factory / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
29.05 – Boston, MA / TT the Bears / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
30.05 – Montreal, PQ / Zoobizarre / w. Slaraffenland
31.05 – Toronto, ONT / El Mocambo / w. Slaraffenland / tickets
02.06 – Chicago, IL / Empty Bottle / w. Slaraffenland & Nick Butcher / Free
03.06 – Kansas City, MO / Record Bar / w. Slaraffenland / tickets

As you can see, we’ll be playing nearly all of the shows together with our good danish friends from Slaraffenland. Therefore we’ve chosen to call this tour The Danish Dynamite Tour:). We hope and believe this will be a row of very special concerts!

Can’t wait to see you all finally…
Much love from all of us
Thomas, Mads, Rasmus, Frederik, Niklas, Anna, Peter & Casper

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Touring is fun!!

October 27, 2007 by Rasmus

So far we have played shows in France and Spain and next week we cross the bridge to play 4 shows in Sweden and 1 in Oslo, Norway. See all the dates and how to buy tickets here.

We have taken a lot of photos, but have not yet had the chance to organize and upload to flickr. Luckily Peter Broderick our violin player has updated his flickr site where the picture below is taken from. You can also see some pictures here from the show we played in Paris last week.

Hope to see you soon!
Efterklang at Guggenheim Bilbao
Efterklang at Guggenheim, Bilbao

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Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo

September 25, 2007 by Rasmus

Sorry this post is not about the legendary Ninja Hero Turtles except from this post having 4 different stories as there are 4 Ninja Turtles…

First of all there is a new Efterklang interview up on The Milk Factory. Yep thats right! The Milk Factory has finally returned!

Then next a couple of Rumraket tips… Tonight Slaraffenland stars their US tour. Their longest so far! Have a look at the impressive tour right here at their myspace site. They also blog about the whole thing here – only in Danish though…

Yesterday Canon Blue´s Colonies album was released on CD in Scandinavia & Benelux. You can get it right here at The album is getting raving reviews, especially in UK these days (where it will be released October 8th). This Friday he will also embark on a American tour, which we have decided to call The House and Garden Tour as it started out as that. Lots of venues are involved now. Get the tour schedule here at

Then we have come to the last turtle… Peter Broderick our new violinist from Portland, Oregon is photo-blogging about his new life in Denmark. See pics from our pizza party and the Efterklang live rehearsals.

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European tour-dates this fall!!

August 23, 2007 by Rasmus

October 16th we start our first tour in almost two years! We are very exited!!
You can see all dates for the fall in our concert calendar.

We will pass by Paris / le Havre / Rennes / Madrid / Malmø / Oslo / Stockholm / Albertslund, Vejle / Aarhus / Copenhagen / Odense / Aalborg / Bristol / Birmingham / Leeds / London / Nottingham / Glasgow / Dublin / Belfast / Manchester / Brighton and Brussels in 2007. More cities to follow in 2008!

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Help us find a live-show and tons for Canon Blue!

August 10, 2007 by Rasmus

If you happen to run a venue or promote shows in France, Spain or Portugal then we have a favor to ask. Efterklang has a gap in the current tour schedule. We are looking for a concert on Friday October 19th in France or a show in southern France or north of Portugal or Spain on Saturday October 20!

please get in touch if you can help us out. contact [at]

Then for something similar but also very different!! Canon Blue our friend from Nashville and Rumraket label-mate wants to do a house-tour in the US. We want to help him out! So if anyone has a house or knows people in these cities please get in touch with Daniel aka Canon Blue. They are just two guys in the band.

Bowling Green, Louisville KY
Detroit, MI
Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati OH
Erie, PA
Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse NY
all cities are options as long as they are not too far away from these.

You can listen to Canon Blue at myspace and you can write him here: canonbluemusic[at]gmail[dot]com Canon Blue will release his debut album Colonies September 24th in Europe

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Home from Roskilde!

July 10, 2007 by Rasmus

what a superb festival!
Bjørk! Arcade Fire! Akron/Family! Turboweekend! Analogik!

and we have to mention all the bands we were involved in as well! Because they did a fantastic job all of them! Tenniscoats / Slaraffenland / Maher Shalal Hash Baz / Grizzly Bear / Taxi Taxi! / Kama Aina / Nika Soup & Saya Source and not to forget Nikaido Kazumi having never seen her perform before this was possible the biggest experiece of the festival! All of these names were presented on the festival through us and 4 of them are on our label Rumraket.

also I will never forget the 100% spontaneous concert Nika Soup & Saya Source played in the Lounge scene during the powercut! Kama Aina, Bill Wells and Ueno from Tenniscoats were the backing band and it was just magical! if anyone have pictures please send them!!

a superb festival indeed!

here is a picture of the original score for “Danske” (danish) – one of Tori Kudo´s latest compositions. He wrote it after he visited the Danish National Museum. Seing Maher Shalal Hash Baz premiere this song in Malmø yesterday at the Full Pull preview and afterwards receiving the score from Tori as a gift was a nice wrap of an incredible week!

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Mads on audible sightseing

March 16, 2007 by Rasmus

Mads on icelandic audible sightseing Last week Mads visited his girlfriend on Iceland and brought with him equipment to make field recordings.

Here he is documenting “Icelandic wind bouncing back from a white wall”.

I wonder what was inside, behind that wall and if it can be heard on the recordings echoing in the wind? Maybe a breakfast buffet or 10 icelandic ponies? Other suggestions are very welcome.

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Taxi Taxi! are amazing!

February 12, 2007 by Rasmus

I have just spend the whole weekend with Miriam and Johanna (Taxi Taxi!) in a snowy and cold Norway at the annual By:Larm festival. Taxi Taxi! played two wonderful and extraordinary concerts – oh my god!!!!!

I feel a bit ashamed about cheering so loud for a band thats on Rumraket, but these girls are so amazing I can´t help myself! When they are on stage it´s like listening to and experiencing a shower of pure pure talent and musicality. They have just turned 17, are twins and about to conquer the world in their very own unique and humble way.

Come Join us! for the concert and party in Copenhagen February 24th at Global when they play live!!

TICKETS (50 kr in pre-sale) here!!

Visit and listen to Taxi Taxi!

More info in the post below…

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