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Canon Blue joins Rumraket!

June 28, 2007 by Rasmus

Canon Blue

there is a fresh man in the Rumraket posse! His names is Daniel James, he lives in Nashville, USA and under the name Canon Blue he makes music we adore.

He is a one-man army and without doubt his album Colonies is the most fierce album yet to be released on our label Rumraket. The album has been mixed by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and mastered by Cristian Vogel.

September 24th Colonies is released!

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HeartRebels ArtRebels – new compilation

June 14, 2007 by Rasmus

ArtRebels is a new art movement/collective in Copenhagen who works in several fields and one of them is music!

June 28 they release a double compilation disc which includes three songs related to Efterklang. You will find our own Himmelbjerget on the release and also a track by Slaraffenland and Taxi Taxi! who both are signed to our record label Rumraket.

All revenue from this release will be used for helping young people who wants to do creative projects of any sorts in Copenhagen.

More info on the release and the release party right here.

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Slaraffenland and Paul Duncan (us) live in Copenhagen!

May 24, 2007 by Rasmus

our label Rumraket proudly presents the loveable Slaraffenland and the equally loveable Paul Duncan from Brooklyn, New York in a sweet musical combo this saturday (may 26th) at Huset i Magstræde.

Entrance is only 60 kroner – But we recommend you to buy them for only 53 kroner in pre-sale at gaffabillet. The last 4 Rumraket nights in Copenhagen have sold out so presale could be a good idea… (we are hoping at least)

Doors open at 21:00 / Music starts at precisely 22:00

hope to see you there!
ps. Slaraffenland has just released their new album Private Cinema digitally – get good quality MP3s right here at the Rumraket MP3 shop – June 25th the album will be released on CD as well!

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Slaraffenland´s Private Cinema released digitally today!

May 14, 2007 by Rasmus

From today Slaraffenland´s new mindblowing and acclaimed album Private Cinema can be bought as “drm free” mp3´s at Rumraket´s own MP3 store!

The album has just been selected as Rock album of the week at Radium on P2 on Danish National Radio. Buy it and find out why!

The cd version of the album which comes in a beautiful package made by Friends With You will be released June 25th. You can pre-order it at Dotshop.

Fun facts! Niklas from Slaraffenland is in Efterklang as well and their album is recorded on the same equipment we made our Tripper album on!

Slaraffenland is release number 9 on our little Rumraket label and 26th of May they play live in Copenhagen with Paul Duncan! Don´t miss it – tickets here.

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Taxi Taxi! ep-release today on Rumraket!

May 7, 2007 by Rasmus

Taxi Taxi! ep Yay! the long-awaited debut from Swedish twins Johanna and Miriam aka Taxi Taxi! is finally available!

Today it has been released on our label Rumraket in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Austria & Switzerland. June 4th it will also be available in The Uk – and June 5th in France as well via Talitres Records.

You can buy the EP here at Dotshop or as high quality MP3s here at Rumraket´s own MP3 store.

if you are in Copenhagen then come by RUST where they play live 17th of May together with Choir of Young Believers and DØD. Taxi Taxi! will play many places over the summer check the concerts on their webpage.

photo by Arash Arfazadeh

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Under Giants Trees released today!

April 2, 2007 by Rasmus

Yay:) Today our new mini-album Under Giant Trees is released.

There are 5 new songs on it – Falling Horses, Himmelbjerget, Hands Playing Butterfly, Towards the Bare Hill and Jojo. The total playing time is 30 minutes.

As you may already know, the album comes in numbered and limited editions of 4500 cd´s and 1200 white vinyls (unfortunately vinyls are delayed a bit due to some pressing problems). It is released by The Leaf Label in the world and by our own label Rumraket in Denmark.

The artwork is made by Nan Na Hvass and inside the cd´s there are some magic puzzle cards!

In the fall of 2007 we will release a full-lenght album. This album and Under Giant Trees will not share any songs in the tracklistings.

Here are some buylinks: / / /

& eMusic

We hope that you will enjoy it!

ps. release date in the US on May 8th (Pre-order @

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Under Giant Trees vinyls have arrived!

March 22, 2007 by Rasmus

Under Giant Trees - vinyl I just got delivered 200 beautiful white Efterklang vinyls today! They look great I have to say! The artwork made by Nan Na Hvass really shines in this bigger format.

Also! just a few days ago the Artwork for Under Giant Trees was selected as record sleeve of the week on the blog for the Creative Review Magazine. Here below is a photo of the cd inside.

Btw – tomorrow our Rumraket friends Slaraffenland will play live in Copenhagen and saturday they will play in Berlin. Also please help them enter the Danish chart: Det Elektriske Barometer. You can vote here.

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Slaraffenland takes Rumraket to the land of milk and honey

March 7, 2007 by Rasmus

We have exiting news regarding Rumraket – the label that we run!

Slaraffenland is danish for the “land of milk and honey” and it is also the name of a great band that will release their album, Private Cinema, on Rumraket May 14th!!

Efterklang and Slaraffenland share a bandmember and actually their new album is recorded on the same studio equipment that we recorded our album Tripper on!

Is May the 14th too long time for you to wait? Why don´t you listen to the song Polaroids already now then? It has just been added to Rumraket´s myspace player and you can also download it directly here:

Slaraffenland – Polaroids – from Private Cinema -
Download MP3

If you live in Texas, Colorado or Arkansas then watch out for Slaraffenland! They are travelling the long way from Copenhagen tomorrow to play in your fine cities. Check the concert dates at

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Taxi Taxi! are amazing!

February 12, 2007 by Rasmus

I have just spend the whole weekend with Miriam and Johanna (Taxi Taxi!) in a snowy and cold Norway at the annual By:Larm festival. Taxi Taxi! played two wonderful and extraordinary concerts – oh my god!!!!!

I feel a bit ashamed about cheering so loud for a band thats on Rumraket, but these girls are so amazing I can´t help myself! When they are on stage it´s like listening to and experiencing a shower of pure pure talent and musicality. They have just turned 17, are twins and about to conquer the world in their very own unique and humble way.

Come Join us! for the concert and party in Copenhagen February 24th at Global when they play live!!

TICKETS (50 kr in pre-sale) here!!

Visit and listen to Taxi Taxi!

More info in the post below…

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