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Slaraffenklang tonight!

November 8, 2008 by Rasmus

Slaraffenklang Tonight is the night when we will join forces with our friends in Slaraffenland and for one night only we will perform together under the name Slaraffenklang.

Be there!

Slaraffenklang will play songs written by Slaraffenland and Efterklang in new arrangements and the rehearsals for this show have been a lot of fun! We look forward to play the concert!

Catch this very special band at Viften in Rødovre, Denmark.
The concert is part of the new SONO Festival. Wildbirds & Peacedrums are also on the bill and so is Ekko!

More info here: – SONO Festival

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DAY 4 – Efterklang Gift Week – Rumraket goodies!!!

October 16, 2008 by Rasmus

Hello again!
It is already day 4 and todays gifts will both be from Rumraket – the record label that we run.

DOWNLOAD: Im a Machine
First off is a free MP3 from the new Sunshine EP by Slaraffenland. These guys are currently touring Europe so go to their website and see if they are playing near you! If you would like to read more about the new and very limited and handmade Sunshine EP then go here:

Next gift today is a new video for Canon Blue´s Pilguin Pop which can be found on his debut album Colonies from last year. The video is directed and animated by Robjn from Cambridge UK. You can learn more about Robjn by visiting him here. Canon Blue aka Daniel James lives in Nashville, USA and you can visit him here:

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new Slaraffenland tour and EP

October 10, 2008 by Rasmus

in relation to the post below we should tip you about the new Sunshine EP by Slaraffenland which was released last week on our label Rumraket. You can get it at iTunes & Klicktrack. Or you can write to Rumraket directly – for 15€ total transferred via Paypal you can have the limited CD version shipped to anywhere in the world – contact (at)

At Rumrakets website you can read more about the release and their European tour which goes through Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Denmark. GO INVESTIGATE!!

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Rumraket label nights kick off tonight!!

September 12, 2008 by Rasmus

hey weekend people!
Tonight and tomorrow night you can indulge yourself in lots of good live music presented by Rumraket – the label we run!

Unfortunately Our Broken Garden had to cancel their activities this weekend due to sickness (get well soon) – but luckily a very nice replacement has been found in Munck//Johnson!

This weekend looks like this:
sept 12 = Taxi Taxi! & Munck//Johnson & Erik Levander at Huset i Magstræde in Copenhagen
sept 13 = Taxi Taxi! & Munck//Johnson & Jacob Faurholt at Musikcafeen in Aarhus

More info here: Rumraket at Myspace

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Rumraket label nights in Sweden and Denmark

August 31, 2008 by Rasmus

Rumraket will go on tour in September!
The Taxi Taxi! twins are finally back in Denmark, Slaraffenland will start their upcoming European tour, Our Broken Garden! will celebrate their recent release on Bella Union, Canon Blue will come all the way from the US and will play his shows with Thomas from Efterklang as the drummer and finally Erik Levander will perform one of his superb but rare concerts.

sep 12 = Taxi Taxi! & Erik Levander & Our Broken Garden at Huset in Copenhagen
sep 13 = Taxi Taxi! & Our Broken Garden & Jacob Faurholt at Musikcafeen in Aarhus
sept 17 = Taxi Taxi! & Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Debaser in Malmø
sept 18 = Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Rust in Copenhagen
sept 19 = Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Musikcafeen in Aarhus
sept 20 = Taxi Taxi! & Slaraffenland & Canon Blue & Our Broken Garden at Studenterhuset in Aalborg

Hope to see you there!!

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Rumraket site updates including new video and song

August 5, 2008 by Rasmus

I´ve just spend my entire evening updating and fixing Rumraket´s Myspace page. It is fully up to date now as it should be. Among many improvements I have added a new song (a remix by Turboweekend) from the upcoming Canon Blue single and also a new Canon Blue video for Battle Hymn.

Go have a look and a listen right here: RUMRAKET at MYSPACE
Soon we will also have news about a lot of Rumraket concerts in Denmark!!

xo // Rasmus
P.S. for the Efterklang newbies who might be reading this – Rumraket is a record label that we run and it is full of good music.
Rumraket header

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July 30, 2008 by Rasmus has been the place to get Efterklang & Rumraket releases and merchandise since we signed to The Leaf Label in 2004. Just last week closed down after many years of fine service. We will miss them!

There is a bunch of buylinks on our pages that directs you to We haven´t had time yet to change them but we will fix it soon.

In the meantime we can tell you about The Leaf Labels new mailorder shop which can be found here: Leaf at Greedbag. They have all the Efterklang stuff or will soon anyway.

We can also remind you about Rumrakets MP3 store at There you can download all the Rumraket releases in high quality and DRM free MP3s. The Efterklang releases are also available there but can only be purchased if you have a Danish address. The others are universal.

Recently we just added Halcyon EP by Canon Blue and Parades by Efterklang to the Klicktrack store.

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