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March 27, 2007 by Rasmus

Number 1:

The new Deerhoof album is great! It is called Friend Oppurtunity and Im glad i got the opportunity to become friends with this insanely great album…

Number 2:

Listen to: Ernie and the sandstorm, old man and the seaMP3

The new Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band album. It is called FFFFOO K TSSCCH and if you buy the vinyl version then it comes with a 12″ (side a & d) and a 7″ (side b & c) and artwork printed and cut in hand by Zven Balslev aka Smittekilde

Number 3
is the local shop where I bought these two records. It is called Sort Kaffe and Vinyl and it is my favorite place to buy coffee and music. The music selection is small but essential and forward looking at the same time. And the place (as the name suggests) also is a coffee house with very friendly prices! It´s located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen – the street is Skydebanegade…

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Under Giant Trees vinyls have arrived!

March 22, 2007 by Rasmus

Under Giant Trees - vinyl I just got delivered 200 beautiful white Efterklang vinyls today! They look great I have to say! The artwork made by Nan Na Hvass really shines in this bigger format.

Also! just a few days ago the Artwork for Under Giant Trees was selected as record sleeve of the week on the blog for the Creative Review Magazine. Here below is a photo of the cd inside.

Btw – tomorrow our Rumraket friends Slaraffenland will play live in Copenhagen and saturday they will play in Berlin. Also please help them enter the Danish chart: Det Elektriske Barometer. You can vote here.

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first review of Under Giant Trees !

February 18, 2007 by Rasmus

P Jørgensen Promos has just gone out – already the first review is online! It´s in Italian so we don´t understand a word of it, but apparently it is very positive! Anyone with skills in Italian are very welcome to translate bits of it – leave it as a comment if you like… The review can be read at – they also do good podcasts! We recommend The Swell Season.

PS. Under Giant Trees our new mini-album is released April 2nd
PPS. Only a week untill Taxi Taxi! arrives in Copenhagen to play at the Rumraket & Rump party saturday the 24th at Global! More Info and tickets here.

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Re-press on its way… First snow in Copenhagen

January 22, 2007 by Barnabas

It seems like the “one sided LP” is doing well out there:)
Here’s a message from sweet Scott at Burnt Toast Vinyl:

“I’m getting caught up on all of the online orders over the last week or so. We’re almost out of Efterklang LPs and a re-press is underway. It shouldn’t be much time for the pressing and we do have enough to fill current orders at the moment”

The LP is now back in stock at and should be available in the american music stores from tomorrow.

Thanks alot to all of you who bought the vinyl and all of you who will!
Warm wishes from all of us

ps. Yesterday flowers were in blossom here in copenhagen. Today the winter appeared for the very first time, hmmm… things are really messed up these days

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One-Sided LP now also available in Europe

December 20, 2006 by Rasmus

You can now buy our new One-Sided-LP in Europe!

If you live in Copenhagen you can find it in these shops:
Soundstation / Sort Kaffe og Vinyl / Sacre Coeur / Mint Records / 12 Tónar
& Route 66 (Copenhagen & Aarhus)

If you live on the internet you can go to

The LP features 2 completely new tracks only available on this LP and a third track we have made in collaboration with Martin Hall.

In the US you can easily get the One-Sided LP at Burnt Toast Vinyl´s homepage. Burnt Toast Vinyl is the label that has released this One-Sided LP.

the front cover photo! It is taken by Nan Na Hvass.

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