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Julemarked (xmas Market) in Copenhagen at Old Mate

December 7, 2011 by Rasmus

Old Mate is perhaps the loveliest coffee bar in Copenhagen and on Saturday afternoon we will be there with our good friends Jody Barton and Hvass&Hannibal. Together we will host the tiniest and nicest Julemarked ever – full of art and music related stuff that you can give to someone special as a christmas present.

Please stop by if you are in town. We will be selling a ton of things, among them the new An Island DVD at a favorable price and we are also selling Magic Chairs on vinyl for the ridiculous sum of 50 kr!

There will lots of other special offers on T-shirts and the entire Rumraket catalogue. We will also be selling (cheap) vinyl records from great Danish bands like Iceage, I Got You On Tape, Messy Shelters, The Late Great Fitzcarraldos, Michael Møller, When Saints Go Machine, Turboweekend and many more.

JULEMARKED at Old Mate by Hvass&Hannibal, Jody Barton & Efterklang
Art, Music & Espresso – Bring Cash!
address: Nansensgade 26, KBH K
Time: 13:00 to 17:00

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The End of Rumraket (almost) – New Canon Blue Album!

June 8, 2011 by Rasmus

Back in 2003 we (the members of Efterklang) established the record label Rumraket out of necessity as no labels back then were interested in releasing our music. Shortly after we signed a record deal with The Leaf Label (and recently 4AD) and Rumraket was no longer a necessity it was something we loved to do on the side. We kept the label and signed Grizzly Bear as our first non-Efterklang band in 2005.

Rumraket released Grizzly Bear’s debut album Horn of Plenty in most parts of Europe, and this was followed by records from the rather obscure Japanese artists Cacoy and Kama Aina. Hereafter Rumraket became the base for bands like Slaraffenland (dk), Taxi Taxi! (se), Erik Levander (se) and Canon Blue (us). During the last six years we have released more than 25 titles – among them smaller releases from Our Broken Garden (dk) and amiina (is).

All that will now come to an end. August 29th Rumraket will release Rumspringa, the second album from American artist Canon Blue. Rumraket will not close entirely, but Rumspringa will be the last release on Rumraket, which isn’t an Efterklang release. We will continue to use the label as Efterklang’s base in Scandinavia and therefore this is only almost the end of Rumraket.

We are very proud of all the records we have released throughout the years and the many musicians and artists we have worked with are today some of our very best friends. We would can only thank them for so much wonderful music and memories.

We are closing Rumraket because we no longer have the resources and more importantly the time to run the label. When you are releasing records made by your best friends you want to do your absolute best, but with all our tours and other projects this is no longer possible for us.

The last (non Efterklang) release on Rumraket is as mentioned Canon Blue’s Rumspringa. We can’t think of a more appropriate record to end with. A tour de force if there ever was one, Rumspringa is a dynamic, lush and orchestral Magnum Opus. It has taken Daniel James aka Canon Blue more than two years completing this album and all his hard work has paid off.

Daniel James recorded the album in Copenhagen, Berlin and Reykjavik in close collaboration with Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen from Efterklang who helped produce the record. Mads also mixed the record which features guest appearances from members of Slaraffenland, Efterklang and amiina who recorded all the string parts in Iceland. Hvass&Hannibal will do the artwork for the record as they have with many others of the past Rumraket releases.

Rumspringa by Canon Blue will be released August 29th. Outside of Scandinavia the record will be released on American label Temporary Residence.

We look forward to share some music and more details about Rumspringa real soon.

Canon Blue photo by Thomas Husmer

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More info on the Raincoats Single

August 26, 2010 by Rasmus

artwork by Hvass&Hannibal – click cover to buy single on iTunes

Here is some more info on our new Raincoats single. It was released as a digital single Monday this week (23rd August 2010) on 4AD and our own Rumraket label. This is the tracklist:

01: Raincoats (single edit)
02: Harmonics (covered by Peter Broderick & Nils Frahm)

Raincoats is the third single taken from our Magic Chairs album. The two previous ones were Modern Drift and I Was Playing Drums. The single version of Raincoats differs a tiny bit from the album version, hence the “single edit” extension to the name.

Track two is a cover of Harmonics (another Magic Chairs song) and we love this cover version! It is played and recorded by our two friends Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. Both are incredible solo artists and you should buy every record they have ever made.

As many of you know Peter Broderick has taken a break from the Efterklang live-band recently due to a knee injury, but we are happy to confirm once again that he will be with us on the upcoming North American tour. All dates can be found at

The artwork for Raincoats is made by Hvass&Hannibal and follows the same hand dyed ribbon theme as can be seen on the covers for Magic Chairs, Modern Drift and I Was Playing Drums.

BUY LINKS: iTunes (DK) – iTunes (UK) – eMusic

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Three New Releases Today!

August 23, 2010 by Rasmus

This will be short post followed by a longer once we get back to Denmark. We are in Wales right now.

Today August 23rd we release our new single Raincoats from our Magic Chairs album. It is out digitally bundled with a sweet cover of Harmonics made by Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. GET IT ON iTUNES

Today we also release new deluxe reissue versions of our albums Tripper and Parades including the EPs Springer and Under Giant Trees.

The new reissue versions comes as double CDs including a 16 page booklet and also two bonus tracks. You can read more about the releases via The Leaf Label. You can buy the reissues now using our webshop: or the Leaf Shop

More info coming soon – enjoy your Mondays!


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The return of TRIPPER on VINYL! with free 7″ single”

March 30, 2010 by Rasmus

It’s been out of stock for years, but not anymore! The Leaf Label have made a new print! The 2nd print is totally identical to the original. No weird bonus tracks or new artwork. Just the album as it was made and meant to look and be.

You can buy it from The Leaf Label directly
Or from Efterklang directly via our Rumraket Shop.

All orders via will come with a free 7″ I Was Playing Drums Single! This one hasn’t even been released yet!! (more info on the new single here). The special offer ends Friday at Midnight!

PS. Efterklang will begin their European Tour on Monday in Oslo! Check it out!

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Performing Parades – update and all the nice details!

August 26, 2009 by Rasmus

Hello! as you might know we will release Performing Parades our new CD&DVD & LP/DVD (live album and concert film) on October 19th 2009. The release is a collaboration with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra and everything was recorded live in Copenhagen last year.

In Denmark the release will be available via our own record label Rumraket
- click here for more info

In rest of the world the release will be available via The Leaf Label
- click for more info

Pre-order here:

The release is a new and live interpretation of our Parades album from 2007. The CD & LP part of Performing Parades holds the live audio of Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing the songs from Parades from start to finish in new arrangements. In many ways we actually think this version of Parades is stronger and better than the original Parades album.

The DVD part of this release holds a 55-minute concert film by Benjamin Hesselholdt entitled Performing Parades. The DVD also holds a 35-minute behind the scenes documentary entitled Recreating Parades by Ralf Christensen and Anders Bøtter. On top of all this you also get 6 music videos from the original Parades album and also an acoustic live performance of Mirador. We hope you will find all of this interesting!

We should also mention that we will be TOURING MOST OF THE FALL AS A 7-PIECE! click here for dates

Included in the tour is a PERFORMING PARADES CONCERT with BRITTEN SINFONIA in BARBICAN HALL, LONDON on October 28th – click here for tickets

AND FINALLY – This is how the front cover will look like! It is made by our favorite designers/artists Hvass&Hannibal

- Take care

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the TOUR EP! our first one ever!

May 22, 2008 by Rasmus

as you know we are touring North America these days and therefore we have created a special Tour-EP to sell at the shows. It carries 6 live recordings and comes in handmade packaging. We have only made 250 copies of these and they can only be bought at our American shows…

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Caravan – new single and video!!!

March 30, 2008 by Rasmus

Caravan our new single is available digitally @

The digital version holds 4 tracks
01 Caravan
02 The Romance on Mammoth Hill
03 Caravan (Max de Wardener Remix)
04 Mirador (Vincent Oliver Remix)

The single is also out as a limited 7 inch vinyl. It’s available on

Please have a look at the video directed by Anders Morgenthaler!! It is produced by CopenhagenBombay and we owe great thanks to everybody who was involved!

watch a 35MB quicktime in good quality here: Caravan as quicktime movie

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Gaffa Prisen – Slutter Snart! (Danish only, sorry)

December 8, 2007 by Barnabas

Hej alle danske venner.
2007 er snart forbi, og skribenterne hos både Gaffa og Ekstra Bladet har til stor glæde for os, valgt at kåre vores nyeste udgivelse Parades som årets album!

Gaffa har dog også en læserbestemt liste i ærmet kaldet Gaffa Prisen, og denne har du naturligvis indflydelse på. Afstemningen slutter Mandag d. 10. Dec. kl. 10 Så hvis du har lyst til at stemme med og måske vinde præmier, skal du følge dette link hurtigst muligt:

Vi sætter stor pris på din stemme!
De bedste hilsner fra alle os
Rasmus, Mads, Thomas, Rune og Casper

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