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On a Special Instrument Found and Used on Piramida

August 14, 2012 by Rasmus

Today we would like to share a few photos with you. They are photos of a special instrument we found on our expedition to Piramida on Spitsbergen (aka Pyramiden on Svalbard) back in August 2011. We spent 9 days in this Arctic ghost town (just a 1000 KMs from the North Pole) collecting sounds and inspiration for the album we would afterwards write and record in Berlin.

The very first sound and melody you hear on our new song Hollow Mountain is recorded live on this instrument and samples from it are used throughout the rest of the song. We nicknamed this instrument Miss Piggy. It was one of our most favorite discoveries in the ghost town.

Hollow Mountain is the opening song on our forthcoming 4th album entitled Piramida which will be released on 4AD and Rumraket September 24th 2012 (25th in the US). Pre-Order of Piramida available here.

We wanted to tell you about this now, because tomorrow you’ll be able to listen to our new song Hollow Mountain. We hope you´ll like it.

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Updated Piramida Tour Plan incl. Mojo Approval

August 6, 2012 by Rasmus

We have just returned home from our holidays and are feeling refreshed and great. While we were gone new Efterklang concerts have been announced and this is the update on our Tour Plans for 2012.

While we were gone a new Mojo Magazine also came out and it includes a very generous live review of our Piramida Concert in Sydney Opera House together with Sydney Symphony. We blushed as school kids while reading and want to share this quote with you:

Piramida is the sound of Efterklang’s grasp meeting their reach, of their ambition evading the pretentious, the blankly grandiose, and rewarding them with a masterpiece. – Mojo, Aug 2012


The Piramida Concerts – Efterklang & The Major Lift Orchestra conducted by Matthew Coorey
14.09 – DUBLIN, IE – Meeting House Square / ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe | Info & Tickets
15.09 – CORK, IE – Cork Opera House | Info & Tickets

The Piramida Concert – Efterklang & The Wordless Music Orchestra conducted by Matthew Coorey
22.09 – NEW YORK, NY – The Metropolitan Museum Of Art | Info & Tickets

The Piramida Concerts – Efterklang & Copenhagen Phil conducted by André de Ridder (Support Peter Broderick)
10.10 – COPENHAGEN, DK – Konservatoriets Koncertsal | Info & Tickets
12.10 – HELSINGØR, DK – Kulturværftet | Info & Tickets

The Piramida Concerts – Efterklang & Northern Sinfonia conducted by André de Ridder + Special Guest
23.10 – GATESHEAD, NEWCASTLE, UK – The Sage | Info & Tickets
24.10 – EDINBURGH, UK – Usher Hall | Info & Tickets
27.10 – COVENTRY, UK – Warwick Arts Centre | Info & Tickets
28.10 – BRIGHTON, UK – Dome | Info & Tickets
29.10 – MANCHESTER, UK – Bridgewater Hall | Info & Tickets
30.10 – LONDON, UK – Barbican | Info & Tickets

The Piramida Concerts – Efterklang & Sinfonia Rotterdam conducted by Matthew Coorey
07.11 – EINDHOVEN, NL – Catharinakerk | Info & Tickets
08.11 – BRUSSELS, BE – AB | Info & Tickets

Efterklang & their 7-piece Live Band
01.12 – BUDAPEST, HU – A38 | Info & Tickets
02.12 – VIENNA, AT – Arena | Info & Tickets
03.12 – LEIPZIG, DE – Centraltheater | Info & Tickets
04.12 – HAMBURG, DE – Kampnagel | Info & Tickets
05.12 – BERLIN, DE – Volksbühne | Info
12.12 – STRASBOURG, FR – Laiterie | Info & Tickets
13.12 – PARIS, FR – Cafe De La Danse | Tickets

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New Album PIRAMIDA September 24th 2012 – New Trailer Video + Artwork + Orchestral Tour in Europe and NYC

June 26, 2012 by Rasmus

We are extremely proud and happy to tell you that our new album Piramida will be released world-wide on September 24th 2012 (Sep 25th in the US) on British label 4AD and via our own little label Rumraket in Scandinavia.

You can already now pre-order the album via our webshop on CD and Vinyl.


As you can watch in the album trailer above the making of our new album started out in quite unusual fashion. In August 2011 we (Mads, Casper & Rasmus) travelled to Spitsbergen in the arctic. Our destination was the abandoned Russian settlement Piramida. It was left overnight in 1998 and today stands as a ghost town still full of relics from its past including the world northernmost grand piano. We spend 9 days in this ruin just a 1000 km from the North Pole and we collected over a 1000 recordings which we afterwards have used in different ways in the making of our new album.

The song featured in the album trailer is called Dreams Today and it is track 8 on Piramida. It features Nils Frahm on piano.

The album is inspired by our trip to Piramida, but also our new home in Berlin. We promise to share much more info about the album and the making of it later on.

In conjunction with the release we will be playing 15 special Piramida Concerts together with classical orchestras in some of Europe´s finest concert halls and also in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We visit Ireland, UK, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and USA with The Piramida Concerts and we have also just announced three concerts in Germany with our 7-piece live band.


The artwork has also been revealed today. It is made by our long time collaborators Hvass&Hannibal. They have also made all the visuals for the Piramida Concerts, that premiered in Sydney Opera House in May. They are working on some very nice CD book style and nice vinyl editions of Piramida. You can already pre-order these now at our webshop.

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The Ghost – new song live from Sydney Opera House

June 6, 2012 by Rasmus

May 26th we premiered the songs from our upcoming album Piramida live in Sydney Opera House together with the Sydney Symphony.

We are now very happy to share this recording of our new song The Ghost captured on film by the nice people from the Opera House and Vivid Live Festival who commissioned the concert.

Piramida will be released in September and we will be doing a tour of Piramida Concerts performing the album live together with classical orchestras. The dates are listed below and more will be announced soon.

The Efterklang live band in Sydney featured Peter Broderick on piano, Budgie on drums and Katinka Fogh Vindelev singing. The magnificent three will be joining us for all the Piramida Concerts this year.

The Piramida Concerts w. The Major Lift Orchestra & conductor Matthew Coorey:
14.09 DUBLIN, IEMeeting House Square / Absolut Fringe / info & TICKETS
15.09 CORK, IECork Opera House / info & TICKETS

The Piramida Concerts w. Copenhagen Phil orch. & conductor André de Ridder, Support by Peter Broderick:
10.10 COPENHAGEN, DKKonservatoriets Koncertsal (Det gamle Radiohus) / info & TICKETS
11.10 FREDERIKSVÆRK, DKGjethuset / info & TICKETS
12.10 HELSINGØR, DKKulturværftet / info & TICKETS

The Piramida Concerts w. Northern Sinfonia orchestra & conductor André de Ridder & Special Guest:
23.10 GATESHEAD, NEWCASTLEThe Sage / info&tickets
24.10 EDINBURGHUsher Hall / info&tickets
27.10 COVENTRYWarwick Arts Centre / info&tickets
28.10 BRIGHTONDome / info&tickets
29.10 MANCHESTERBridgewater Hall / info&tickets
30.10 LONDONBarbican / info&tickets

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Budgie on the Drums for Efterklang in Sydney!

May 15, 2012 by Rasmus

Budgie (of Siouxsie and The Banshees and The Creatures fame) will be our drummer, when we perform our new album Piramida in Sydney Opera House May 26th!

He is amazing and a very lovely fellow.
He is replacing Toby Dammit who had to step in and help The Stooges with their tour.

Tickets for The Piramida Concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in Sydney Opera House can be bought at Vivid Live´s website.
We have also started to announce a list of Piramida Concerts with Orchestras in the fall. You can find details at the Concerts section.

We are rehearsing, rehearsing rehearsing and rehearsing this week. Here is a video of Budgie rehearsing a drum part for a new song:

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Piramida Concerts in Denmark with Copenhagen Phil

May 8, 2012 by Rasmus

We are super busy finishing our coming album Piramida and also preparing for the Sydney Opera House concert this month, but are also excited to tell you that we have just announced three Piramida Concerts in Denmark.

The conductor will be André de Ridder and we will be performing with the Copenhagen Phil orchestra also known as Sjællands Symfoniorkester.


October 2012:
10 COPENHAGENKonservatoriets Koncertsal (Radiohuset) / info & TICKETS
11 FREDERIKSVÆRKGjethuset / info & TICKETS
12 HELSINGØRKulturværftet / info & TICKETS

Our dear friend and live band member Peter Broderick (US) will open all concerts with a solo concert.

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Piramida Concerts in UK with Northern Sinfonia

March 27, 2012 by Rasmus

Two weeks ago it was announced that we will premiere our new album Piramida May 26th live at Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony (info&tickets).

Today we are very happy to announce six additional orchestra concerts of our new album Piramida (which is due for release later this year after the summer).

Together with the Northern Sinfonia and the conductor André de Ridder we will performing at some of England’s and Scotland’s finest concert halls in October 2012.

Hope to see you there! We can’t wait for October.
For more background info on this tour please visit this site. Please also visit Music Beyond Mainstream who is the kind organization behind this incredible tour.


October 2012:
23 GATESHEAD, NEWCASTLEThe Sage / info&tickets
24 EDINBURGHUsher Hall / info&tickets
27 COVENTRYWarwick Arts Centre / info&tickets
28 BRIGHTONDome / info&tickets
29 MANCHESTERBridgewater Hall / info&tickets
30 LONDONBarbican / info&tickets

in Gateshead (Newcastle), UK
Beautiful! The Sage is one of the venues included in the tour

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New Album! World Premiere at Sydney Opera House

March 15, 2012 by Rasmus

Are we happy and proud about this? YES!
Are we excited and equally scared? YES indeed!

It is our utmost pleasure to tell you that May 26th 2012 we will be performing live in Sydney Opera House together with the Sydney Symphony orchestra.

The concert will be the world premiere of our new album, which will be released later in 2012 on 4AD and Rumraket.

Our new album also has a title. We’re calling it Piramida.

For more information about the concert including tickets go here.

We are currently working intensely on the album – the previous post on this site gives you a little update. For the concert we have engaged composers Missy Mazzoli (Kronos Quartet, Victoire), Karsten Fundal (Under Byen, Choir of Young Believers) and Daniel Bjarnason (Sigur Rós, Múm) to help our new songs to fully integrate with the Sydney Symphony orchestra, which will be conducted by Matthew Coorey.

We will be performing as a six-piece, augmented by Peter Broderick (piano), Katinka Fogh Vindelev (choir) and Toby Dammit (drums). As earlier told, founding member Thomas recently left Efterklang and Toby Dammit will be his replacement in Sydney. Toby has played drums for amazing people like Iggy Pop, Rufus Wainwright and many others.

a new Efterklang protrait – taken by Rasmus Weng Karlsen, 2012

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