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a letter from the US

May 20, 2008 by Rasmus

the lovely audience in San Francisco

we are halfway through the Danish Dynamit tour and we are loving it! So far we have played 12 of 24 shows. we started in Denver and then we went to Salt Lake City and then to Portland where from we drove down the coast while stopping several times to play memorable shows. We are now in the midst of crossing the country and today you can find us in Austin, Texas.

The temperature and climate here can best be described as walking around in one big hairdryer turned to full power. We have started to appreciate Air-condition and sunblock a lot!

the Phoenix BBQ and pool party
A few days ago we played in Phoenix where my cousin Chris lives. He invited us all for BBQ and pool party and we had so much fun. Desert living rocks!

We have 12 more shows to go! we look forward to all of them!!!

see ya!
Rasmus & Efterklang

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MORE EFTERKLANG TOUR DATES! … and identity crisis!

February 15, 2008 by Rasmus

We are happy to announce 14 more European Efterklang concerts. Right now we are touring central Europe and starting March 26th we will prolong this tour with headlining tours in England, Ireland, France and The Netherlands. All info about the new concerts can be found further down in this post. In total we will do more than 70 shows this year before the summer arrives so there is still a great deal of shows to announce later on. Stay tuned!

The new shows will also be as an 8-piece band. The line-up will include Anna Brønsted, whose solo act Our Broken Garden, will perform as support for many of the shows. A great deal of the concerts will also have support by Peter Broderick, another member of the Efterklang live-band.

Currently we are touring the Swiss Alps and we have to admit it is very inspiring for us! In fact it looks like we are going through some form of identity change – some might say crisis. How serious this change is, is hard to say, but have a look at the two photos at the end of this post. First one shows the Efterklang live band two weeks ago in Leipzig and the other one is taken yesterday in the Swiss alps. It might be a temporary identity crisis, it might be a permanent one – Only time will show.

Greetings from alpenland!

And before we say goodbye let us also tell you that soon we will release Caravan, a new 7″ single and there will be a very explosive video by Anders Morgenthaler to follow that release!



The tour details in full:

Wednesday 26 March
The Talking Heads, SOUTHAMPTON (with Our Broken Garden)

Thursday 27 March
Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets: /

Friday 28 March
Corporation, SHEFFIELD (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets also available through: Jacks Records / /

Saturday 29 March
The Button Factory, DUBLIN (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets: /

Sunday 30 March
Cyprus Avenue, CORK (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets: /

Monday 31 March
The Point, CARDIFF (with Our Broken Garden)

Tuesday 1 April
The Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets: / /

Wednesday 2 April
Queen Elizabeth Hall, LONDON (with Our Broken Garden and Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

Thursday 3 April
Pressure Point, BRIGHTON (with Our Broken Garden)
Tickets: /

Saturday 5 April
Grand Mix, LILLE, France

Monday 7 April
Point Ephemere, PARIS

April 8 TBA
April 9 TBA
April 10 TBA
April 11 Vera, GRONINGEN, The Netherlands
April 12 Motel Mozaique Festival, ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands
April 13 Ekko, UTRECHT, The Netherlands

And now for the shocking photos!

EFTERKLANG in Leipzig two weeks ago – start of the current tour:
Efterklang live group 2008

EFTERKLANG in the Swiss Alps yesterday – two weeks into the current tour!

Efterklang in the Swiss alps 2008

What is going on?

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Thank you Berlin, Leipzig and Münster!!

February 3, 2008 by Rasmus

Efterklang audience in Leipzig
left side of the lovely audience in Leipzig

So far this new European tour is AMAZING!!!!
We have played for about 1000 people so far in 3 shows and we are very happy!!

Especially the show in Leipzig was incredible! Check this video of the audience singing the outro of Chapter 6.

Efterklang in Leipzig
from left Casper, Rasmus, Thomas, Peter, Frederik, Niklas, Anna, Mads and Christian

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new video!! Illuminant directed by Tobias Stretch

January 24, 2008 by Rasmus

Almost 6 months ago Tobias emailed us and asked if he could make a music video for Efterklang. We looked at his previous works and thought this can only be interesting and accepted Tobias´very kind offer.

Then silence… We hear nothing until just two weeks ago when Tobias email us the almost finished video. We are left in awe. He has given our song Illuminant a completely new life and together with his incredible images and story made it a unique piece of art.

You can download the video in better resolution right here.

You can see more of Tobias Stretchs work at his home page Here is two photos of Tobias making the Illuminant video.

Tobias Strech making the Illuminant video Tobias Stretch making the video for Illuminant by Efterklang

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Touring is fun!!

October 27, 2007 by Rasmus

So far we have played shows in France and Spain and next week we cross the bridge to play 4 shows in Sweden and 1 in Oslo, Norway. See all the dates and how to buy tickets here.

We have taken a lot of photos, but have not yet had the chance to organize and upload to flickr. Luckily Peter Broderick our violin player has updated his flickr site where the picture below is taken from. You can also see some pictures here from the show we played in Paris last week.

Hope to see you soon!
Efterklang at Guggenheim Bilbao
Efterklang at Guggenheim, Bilbao

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Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo

September 25, 2007 by Rasmus

Sorry this post is not about the legendary Ninja Hero Turtles except from this post having 4 different stories as there are 4 Ninja Turtles…

First of all there is a new Efterklang interview up on The Milk Factory. Yep thats right! The Milk Factory has finally returned!

Then next a couple of Rumraket tips… Tonight Slaraffenland stars their US tour. Their longest so far! Have a look at the impressive tour right here at their myspace site. They also blog about the whole thing here – only in Danish though…

Yesterday Canon Blue´s Colonies album was released on CD in Scandinavia & Benelux. You can get it right here at The album is getting raving reviews, especially in UK these days (where it will be released October 8th). This Friday he will also embark on a American tour, which we have decided to call The House and Garden Tour as it started out as that. Lots of venues are involved now. Get the tour schedule here at

Then we have come to the last turtle… Peter Broderick our new violinist from Portland, Oregon is photo-blogging about his new life in Denmark. See pics from our pizza party and the Efterklang live rehearsals.

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New Photos

September 9, 2007 by Rasmus

Efterklang by Benjamin Kürstein

Recently we have had taken a lot of new band photos – go have a look at the photo-section. There are 2 new ones by Benjamin Kürstein where we do our best in the attempt to look hot and sexy. We owe a big thanks to Benjamin for the outcome of those photos.

There are also a bunch of great new photos by Nan Na Hvass which are less sexy but more quirky. More new photos will follow soon.

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