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Stream our new album in full! and a bonus support act for London gig!

February 17, 2010 by Rasmus

Lots of news these days and a little hard to keep up, but here are a few simple and good ones!

This week you can listen to our new album in full at our profiles at & Magic Chairs arrives in stores on Monday already! Exciting days!

Pre-order (CD/LP): Rumraket.comRough Trade (UK) – Insound (US)

ESBEN AND THE WITCH to join us in LONDON April 21st
The other good news today. One of our new favorite bands from England have just been announced as support when we play at Sheperds Bush Empire on April 21st. Esben and The Witch are from Brighton and they are great! Click here for tickets & info

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FULL SPRING TOUR ANNOUNCED & You can now listen to 3 tracks from Magic Chairs!!!!!

February 8, 2010 by Rasmus

All dates are now fully announced (except for May 7th) and we are so excited about going on tour again! We hope to see you at one of our concerts. The support slots are also almost fixed now. Balmorhea will support the US tour and Heather Woods Broderick most of the European tour with some assistance from Slaraffenland and Frederik Teige (our guitarist).

We should also let you know that you are now able to listen to three tracks from our upcoming third album Magic Chairs on the front of The songs available for streaming are Modern Drift, Alike and Full Moon.

And you can now PRE-ORDER Magic Chairs on VINYL and CD using these links: Rumraket (DK) – Rough Trade (UK) – Insound (US) – imusic (DK)

18.02 – Copenhagen, DK / Global / RELEASEPARTY – Slaraffenland, Frederik Teige +Heather & Peter Broderick will all perform live – FREE ENTRANCE, come join us
19.02 – Oslo, NOBy:Larm – Sentrum Scene
20.02 – Oslo, NOBy:Larm – Folketeateret

02.03 – Philadelphia, PA / First Unitarian Church / support: Balmorhea
03.03 – New York, NY / Le Poisson Rouge / support: Balmorhea
04.03 – Boston, MA / TT The Bears / support: Balmorhea
05.03 – Montreal, Canada / La Sala Rosa / support: Balmorhea
06.03 – Toronto, Canada / El Mocambo / support: Balmorhea
07.03 – Detroit MI / The Pike Room / support: Balmorhea
08.03 – Chicago, IL / Lincoln Hall / support: Balmorhea
11.03 – Seattle, WA / The Triple Door / support: Balmorhea
12.03 – Vancouver, BC, Canada / Biltmore / support: Balmorhea
13.03 – Portland, OR / Doug Fir / support: Balmorhea
15.03 – San Francisco, CA / Bottom Of The Hill / support: Balmorhea
16.03 – Los Angeles, CA / Spaceland / support: Balmorhea
18.03 – SXSW Festival / Austin, TX / info
19.03 – SXSW Festival / Austin, TX / info
20.03 – SXSW Festival / Austin, TX / info

05.04 – Norway / TBA / support: Heather Broderick
07.04 – Helsinki, FI / Korjaamo / tickets / support: Heather Broderick
08.04 – Tallinn, Estonia / Von Krahl Theatre / support: Heather Broderick
10.04 – Stockholm, SE / Strand / support: Heather Broderick
14.04 – Århus, DK / Voxhall / support TBA
15.04 – Aalborg, DK / Studenterhuset / support TBA
16.04 – Göteborg, SE / Brewhouse / support TBA
17.04 – Copenhagen, DK / Store VEGA / tickets / support TBA
20.04 – Brighton, UK / Concorde 2 / support: Heather Broderick / ticket info
21.04 – London, UK / Shepherds Bush Empire / support: Heather Broderick / tickets
22.04 – Oxford, UK / O2 Academy / support: Heather Broderick / ticket info
23.04 – Edinburgh, UK / Cabaret Voltaire / support: Slaraffenland / ticket info
24.04 – Belfast, UK Black Box / support: Slaraffenland / ticket info
25.04 – Dublin, IE / Whelan’s / support: Slaraffenland / ticket info
27.04 – Bristol, UK / Metropolis / support: Slaraffenland / ticket info
28.04 – Paris, France / Nouveau Casino / support: Heather Broderick /
29.04 – Tourcoing (Lille), France / Grand Mix / support: Heather Broderick /
30.04 – Saint Nazaire (Nantes), France / VIP / support: Heather Broderick /

01.05 – Pau, France / Centrifugeuse / support: Heather Broderick /
02.05 – Barcelona, Spain / La [2] de Apolo / support: Heather Broderick / ticket info)
04.05 – Rome, Italy / Init / support: Heather Broderick
05.05 – Bologna, Italy / Covo / Rocker Festival
06.05 – Basel, Switzerland 1.Stock / support: Heather W. Broderick
07.05 – Germany TBA
08.05 – Berlin / Astra Kulturhaus / Friction Festival
09.05 – Athens, Greece / Rodeo Live Club / support: Frederik Teige
11.05 – Cologne, DE / Gebäude 9 / support: Heather Broderick
12.05 – Hamburg, DE / Knust / support: Heather Broderick
13.05 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Rotown / support: Heather Broderick
14.05 – Nijmegen, The Netherlands / Doornroosje / support Heather Broderick
15.05 – Brussels, BE / Les Nuits Botanique at Cirque Royal
22.05 – Malmö, SE / Babel / support TBA

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January 26, 2010 by Rasmus

As promised – we have good news for you!
We have just announced our Scandinavian Tour dates and we have a new video to show you!

The video is for Modern Drift and it is made by our good friend Kristian Leth ( It is based on Dyrehaven, den Romantiske Skov, a film from 1970 by artists Per Kirkeby and Jørgen Leth (Kristian’s father). The film geek will know that our album title Magic Chairs draws on inspiration from another film by Jørgen Leth.

You can watch the video below the new tour dates:

19.02 – Oslo, NOBy:Larm – Sentrum Scene
20.02 – Oslo, NOBy:Larm – Folketeateret

05.04 – Norway / TBA / support: Heather Broderick
07.04 – Helsinki, FI / Korjaamo / tickets / support: Heather Broderick
08.04 – Tallinn, Estonia / Von Krahl Theatre / support: Heather Broderick
10.04 – Stockholm, SE / Strand / support: Heather Broderick
14.04 – Århus, DK / Voxhall / support TBA
15.04 – Aalborg, DK / Studenterhuset / support TBA
16.04 – Göteborg, SE / Brewhouse / support TBA
17.04 – Copenhagen, DK / Store VEGA / support TBA

22.05 – Malmö, SE / Babel / support TBA

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can we get Track of the Week on BBC’s Radio2?

January 22, 2010 by Rasmus

UPDATE: yes we can!! thanks for voting

The competition is tough, but you can help us by voting on Modern Drift here:

and early next week we will lots of exciting Efterklang news for you. Its a promise!

Rasmus / Efterklang

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Happy New Year Video Postcard! with 4 audio snippets!

January 1, 2010 by Rasmus

Hope you’re all enjoying yourself with family, champagne, coffee, friends, painkillers or whoever or whatever is around you today. Our tiny band have completely split up, for the cause of holiday, being literally spread all over the world. Thomas in Thailand, Rasmus in Istanbul, Casper in Toronto and Mads taking care of business in Copenhagen.

Guess we needed a little break from each other or just simply a little time with someone else. After all, we’ve been seeing the world collectively nearly everyday for the past couple of years, and very soon we’ll be joining forces again (tour dates 2010).

Wow! An entire decade just passed by, and the slipstream of nostalgia just reached our shore. From the view from our nose tips, it’s been a very very special one! Mainly because there was no Efterklang a decade ago, and secondly because we’re having the time of our life!

Lets look ahead. Just around the corner, on February 22nd (23rd in the US) 2010, we’ll release our 3rd studio album: Magic Chairs, coming out on our very own Rumraket label in Scandinavia and our brand new home 4AD in the rest of the world.

We’re ULTRA EXCITED to present it for you!!!

Here is a Happy New Year Video Postcard from our 4 corners of the world to all of you sweet people. The postcard includes 4 snippets of songs from Magic Chairs. Enjoy!


Rasmus, Mads, Thomas, Casper

Video postcard from Efterklang – Happy New Year!

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New Design!

December 28, 2009 by Rasmus

A new year will soon arrive and in this new year a new Efterklang album will arrive.
To embrace these nice and future events has just been giving a new design by Hvass&Hannibal.

We hope you like the new design and will like 2010 and our forthcoming album!
- Efterklang

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MAGIC CHAIRS TOUR! – USA, UK, France and Barcelona!

December 15, 2009 by Rasmus


Hello Sweet Friends!!!!

February 22nd (23rd in the US) 2010 we release our third album Magic Chairs and we can´t wait!!! (free download and album details can be found here)

But lets talk about concerts now! We can announce 24 new concerts today!! We will go on tour with our new 7-piece live band consisting of yours truly (Mads, Casper, Thomas and Rasmus) and then with the addition of Heather W. Broderick, her brother Peter Broderick and long time friend Frederik Teige. These three people also play an important part on our new album btw.

February 2010
19th – By:Larm Festival, Oslo Norway (info)
20th – By:Larm Festival, Oslo Norway (info)

2nd – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA USA, support: Balmorhea
3rd – Le Poisson Rouge, New York NY USA, support: Balmorhea
4th – TT The Bears, Boston MA USA, support: Balmorhea
5th – La Sala Rosa, Montreal PQ Canada, support: Balmorhea
6th – El Mocambo, Toronto ONT Canada, support: Balmorhea
7th – The Pike Room, Detroit MI USA, support: Balmorhea
8th – Lincoln Hall, Chicago IL USA, support: Balmorhea
11th – The Triple Door, Seattle WA USA, support: Balmorhea
12th – Biltmore, Vancouver BC Canada, support: Balmorhea
13th – Doug Fir, Portland OR USA, support: Balmorhea
15th – Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco CA USA, support: Balmorhea
16th – Spaceland, Los Angeles CA USA, support: Balmorhea

20th – Concorde 2, Brighton UK (£10 advance /£12 door – ticket info)
21st – Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK (£15 – ticket info)
22nd – O2 Academy, Oxford UK (£10 advance /£12 door – ticket info)
23rd – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh UK (£10 advance – ticket info)
24th – Black Box, Belfast UK (£10 advance – ticket info)
25th – Whelan’s, Dublin IE (€17.50 advance – ticket info)
27th – Metropolis, Bristol UK (£8 advance – ticket info)
28th – Nouveau Casino, Paris France
29th – Grand Mix, Tourcoing (Lille) France
30th – VIP, Saint Nazaire (Nantes) France

1st – Centrifugeuse, Pau France
2nd – La [2] de Apolo, Barcelona Spain (€15/18 – ticket info)

More to come…

photo by Colin Quinn, Manchester 2009

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Magic Chairs – our new album! – listen to new song!

November 19, 2009 by Rasmus

Today we can announce the release date, tracklist, artwork and title of our new album! We are also happy to tell you that you can download the opening song for free right now!

February 22nd 2010 we will release our third full length album and we are exited! We’re calling this new baby for Magic Chairs and we are curious to find out how you will like it as it definitely introduces a new Efterklang sound.

We have been working on the album since January 2009 and we have played and tested several of the new songs on the road throughout the year on our different tours. We recorded the album in Feedback Recording studio in Århus and in Black Tornado, STC Studio and our own studio (all three) in Copenhagen. The record is mixed by our new friend Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & Grizzly Bear) and I think we dare to say that we are very proud of it!

Magic Chairs is our first album on our new home 4AD. This fine and legendary label will release Magic Chairs across the globe except for Scandinavia where we will release the album on our own Rumraket label.

01: Modern Drift
02: Alike
03: I Was Playing Drums
04: Raincoats
05: Harmonics
06: Full Moon
07: The Soft Beating
08: Scandinavian Love
09: Mirror Mirror
10: Natural Tune

Magic Chairs is out February 22nd 2010 – we hope you will like it!

As usual Hvass&Hannibal have made the artwork for the new album and we totally love what they came up with!

Mads, Casper, Thomas and Rasmus

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