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Day 1 – Efterklang Gift Week! – world premiere of new video!

October 13, 2008 by Rasmus

Good Evening! A little late on this fine Monday we are now ready to kick off the Efterklang Gift Week!

This week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) we have presents for you every single day! It will be new videos, mp3s and other nice things like that.

First present will be a world premiere of a new Efterklang video directed by Rasmus Bro! The video is for Horseback Tenors and it features stop motion images shot in our hometown Copenhagen!

You can download a high resolution video using this link: Quicktime (46 mb)
And you can watch it as a youtube video below:

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3 Steppeulven Awards!!

February 3, 2008 by Rasmus

We won our first 3 awards! YAY! Steppeulven is an annual award show arranged by the music critics in Denmark. We won Best Album, Best Group and Best Composers!

We were not there to receive the prices as we are touring these days (see below) – so all our parents accepted the prices on our behalf! Thank you moms and dads! Also thank you to all the Danish critics for liking our music!

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Canon Blue joins Rumraket!

June 28, 2007 by Rasmus

Canon Blue

there is a fresh man in the Rumraket posse! His names is Daniel James, he lives in Nashville, USA and under the name Canon Blue he makes music we adore.

He is a one-man army and without doubt his album Colonies is the most fierce album yet to be released on our label Rumraket. The album has been mixed by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and mastered by Cristian Vogel.

September 24th Colonies is released!

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Yeppiiii, the album is done!

June 24, 2007 by Barnabas

Album is done, hurrah
Yes, it’s so true. Mads came home with the final master from London, and we sang along with the summer winds and drank champagne to the early morning.
We simply can’t wait to share it with all of you!!!
Lots of love from all of us…

Ps. Title & release date will be revealed very soon (attentive souls already know the half of it)

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Slaraffenland´s Private Cinema released digitally today!

May 14, 2007 by Rasmus

From today Slaraffenland´s new mindblowing and acclaimed album Private Cinema can be bought as “drm free” mp3´s at Rumraket´s own MP3 store!

The album has just been selected as Rock album of the week at Radium on P2 on Danish National Radio. Buy it and find out why!

The cd version of the album which comes in a beautiful package made by Friends With You will be released June 25th. You can pre-order it at Dotshop.

Fun facts! Niklas from Slaraffenland is in Efterklang as well and their album is recorded on the same equipment we made our Tripper album on!

Slaraffenland is release number 9 on our little Rumraket label and 26th of May they play live in Copenhagen with Paul Duncan! Don´t miss it – tickets here.

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update on the hand-lettered vinyls ebay auction!

May 11, 2007 by Rasmus

So far 5 auctions has ended and we have collected 213£! Over the next 6 days another 5 auctions will end, so go make a bid if you fancy a highly limited and rare Efterklang vinyl and sametime you would like to support the dying rainforest.

All revenue will be forwarded to the Danish Organisation Nepenthes, who since 1989 has bought up land to secure and preserve untouched rainforest.

click this photo to go to the Ebay auctions, you will find all relevant info here

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Welcome to our new homepage!

January 14, 2007 by Rasmus

We have been looking forward to this. Finally we are ready to share our new homepage with you. This site is very easy for us to use and also very easy for you, our dear visitor, to use. So please feel free to write comments and explore our new home on the net!

Because this is sort of a housewarming we are giving away a new download. It is a cover of our song Step Aside by the swedish musician Tobias Hellkvist. We like his version extremely much and hope that you will too!

Download: Step Aside (Efterklang cover by Tobias Hellkvist) as mp3.

Jonas Lindgren – our new friend We owe a lot of gratitude to another swede for helping us fix and program this new site. Jonas Lindgren is a true gentleman and internet wiz! He has spend hours on programming this site! He also makes experimental music and runs a very nice blog.

By the way, the header and footer illustrations on this site are made by Nan Na Hvass. They are part of the massive amount of art she has put together for our coming mini-album release Under Giant Trees.

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Congratulation Mads!

December 19, 2006 by Barnabas

Yes, today it is Mads birthday and he’s now 26. So we had a gorgeous piece of cake and a fine cup of coffee, while Thomas played him a cheesy birthday song on his trumpet to complete the happiness:) Hurrah hurrah…

We gave mads a Kinky Friedman tshirt…

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