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The Last Concert – One Final Show to Celebrate Them All

January 14, 2014 by Rasmus

February 26th 2014 we will play one last concert in Sønderborg, Denmark, where we grew up.

It will be the last concert with Efterklang as you and we know it. We are not sure what happens after this concert. It is time to reflect and time to move forward. We want to fundamentally change what it means to be Efterklang and how we operate, create and perform.

So come say goodbye with us!
We are celebrating a decade of Efterklang releases and concerts and we are doing it in the most decadent way.

The local symphony Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester, conductor Hans Ek and the local girls choir will join us on stage and so will a long list of special guests including Thomas Husmer and Rune Mølgaard from the original 5 piece line-up of Efterklang.

The last concert will feature highlights from all our 4 albums as well as new songs, that in fact are almost 10 year old songs we’ve never released, but whom we care for very much. This will be the only chance to hear these songs live.

We are not taking this concert on tour and we plan on making this a very special night. An exploration, a rite of passage, a strange celebration. You are hereby invited.

For Tickets go here
For Info go here

update Jan 16th: Many people have misunderstood this announcement. We are not splitting up. This is not the end of Efterklang. It is the end of Efterklang as we know it.

Photo by Søren Solkær

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Two New Videos – Black Summer & Between The Walls

October 23, 2013 by Rasmus

We are proud and happy to present these two new videos. Please give them 10 minutes of your time. We promise that it will be worthwhile. Both videos are a piece of art in their own right.

The video for Black Summer is made by Everything All at Once, a new Vancouver, CA based studio consisting of Kevan Funk and Benjamin Loeb.

The video for Between The Walls is made by the Copenhagen based director Sebastian Birk. The video features Sara Hjort and Peter Hald in the leading roles.

Both songs are taken from our Piramida album from September 2012.
Today we embark on a 5 week tour, that will be our final longer tour for a long time to come. Catch us if you can. Dates can be found here.

Hope you will enjoy the videos.
Credits and more info can be found on the Youtube page for the videos.

BETWEEN THE WALLS by Sebastian Birk

Watch here if you live in Germany or other countries where this videos might be blocked.

BLACK SUMMER by Everything All At Once

Watch here if you live in Germany or other countries where this videos might be blocked.

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Andreas Koefoed’s The Ghost of Piramida Documentary Released Digitally!

October 1, 2013 by Rasmus

After more than 1000 screenings around the world since November last year THE GHOST OF PIRAMIDA has finally been released digitally.

Andreas Koefoed’s Efterklang film is available for online renting (3,70€) or download (11€) via Vimeo’s new on-demand service.

In The Ghost Of Piramida director Andreas Koefoed follows Efterklang on their 9 day audio expedition to the ghost town Piramida on Spitsbergen, located just a thousand kilometers from the North Pole and home to more polar bears than people.

Accompanied by their taciturn and not visibly impressed Russian polar bear guard, the group goes on a treasure hunt in the empty buildings of the ghost town, while the narrator, the former Piramida-citizen Alexander, takes us back to a bygone era, when Piramida flourished and the immigrant Russian miners and their families lived in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

Efterklang collected over a thousand sound recordings for the album ‘Piramida’ (4AD, Sep 2012) they later wrote and recorded in Berlin.

The music in the film incorporates some of the early sketches, as well as finished songs from the album.


Watch the trailer for The Ghost of Piramida below here:

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New Video For Monument – Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Piramida and the Release of The Ghost of Piramida

September 25, 2013 by Rasmus

This new video for ‘Monument’ by Andreas Koefoed and Hvass&Hannibal marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of our 4th album ‘Piramida‘ of which ‘Monument’ is the closing song.

It also honours ‘The Piramida Concert‘, the live album we released June 10th 2013 together with the classical orchestra Copenhagen Phil.

And further it marks the digital release of Andreas Koefoed’s Efterklang documentary ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘. On Friday, September 27th, ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘ will be made available for online renting and download at Pre-order of the film is already available.

Thats a lot of celebration and referencing for just one video, but let us explain how it is all connected.

Both recordings of ‘Monument‘ are featured in this music video. First half of the uses the album version of the song and then follows the live version of ‘Monument’ from ‘The Piramida Concert’.

The 8mm footage used in the video is filmed by Alexander Ivanovic Naumkin, who lived in Piramida (Pyramiden) for many years and who plays a leading role in Andreas Koefoed’s film ‘The Ghost of Piramida’.

The music video features clips from ‘The Ghost of Piramida’ documentary and also artwork and animations by Hvass&Hannibal, who also did all the artwork for ‘Piramida’ and ‘The Piramida Concert’ releases.

(if you live in Germany, then watch the video at

No one, but Nan Na and Sofie (of Hvass&Hannibal) and Andreas could have made this video. They have been some of our closest and must trusted collaborators on this entire Piramida project. The others are Francesco Donadello and our live band: Martyn HeyneTatu RönkkëKatinka Fogh VindelevBudgie and Peter Broderick + crew: Anders BollStuart Bailes and Nico de Rooij.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!
Hope you enjoyed the video and please enjoy the film on Friday.

The Piramida tour is coming to an end, but we hope to see you at one of the last shows. In the near future we will visit Germany, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bucharest, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, ChinaHong Kong and Norway. And then it all ends with a very special concert together with Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester February 26th 2014 on Als in Denmark where we grew up and where An Island was filmed. More info here.

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Vrije Geluiden – Interview from Into The Great Wide Open

September 16, 2013 by Rasmus

September 6th we finished our 2013 Summer Tour on the beautiful island of Vlieland at the Dutch festival Into The Great Wide Open.

Dutch television was there too and we did an interview with them.

If you would like to watch the interview and also some clips from Andreas Koefoed’s Efterklang film The Ghost of Piramida then here you go:

The Efterklang interview and feature starts at 16:50

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Amazingness – Surprise Videos for Told To Be Fine & Dreams Today

September 12, 2013 by Rasmus

When people create music videos for your songs without you asking them to, then you know you are a very fortunate band with many incredibly kind and talented people listening. Thank you!!

Within just two weeks we have received two of these kind of videos. Take a look here:

- unofficial video by Timothy Durand

- unofficial video by Francesca Lombardi and Giacomo Favilla

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September 11, 2013 by Rasmus

September 7th saw the world’s first Cassette Store Day and we were happy to be a part of  it. The lovely little label Blood & Biscuits released our debut album Tripper on cassette tape for this special day.  If you missed your chance on the actual Cassette Store Day you might still be in luck.

Some of these shops listed below here might still have a few copies left.

Sonic Boom Record Store
782 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2R6

3158 E. Burnside
Portland OR. 97214

Graveface Records & Curiosities
5 West 40th st
Savannah, GA 31401

CD Warehouse
1213 S. Cooper
Arlington, Texas

Omega Music
318 East 5th Street
Dayton, Ohio

Touch Vinyl
1646 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Beacon Sound
1465 NE Prescott St.
Suite D
Portland OR 97211

Mount Analog
5906 1/2 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles CA

Redscroll Records
24 North Colony Street
Wallingford, CT 06492

Exile on Main Street
1 Main Street #108
Champaign, IL 61820


Insula music
Blågårdsgade 31
2200 Copenhagen n

boutique grise en RDC
1 avenue Trudaine
75009 PARIS

The Wool-E Shop
Emiel Lossystraat 17
9040 Gent

VoxBox Music
21 St Stephen Street

Rough Trade East
‘Dray Walk’
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


Norman Records,
20 Croydon House,
Croydon Street,
LS11 9RT

Static Records
34 Hallgate, Wigan

Crash Records
35 The Headrow

28 Kensington Gardens,
North Laine,

Love Music Glasgow
34 Dundas Street
G1 2AQ

70 Queens Road

Kristianstadsgatan 14
214 23 Malmö

Larry’s corner
Grindsgatan 35
11857 Stockholm

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Listen To Part 1 of 4 – Lyden Af København – New Efterklang Piece

September 3, 2013 by Rasmus

Århus Festival (known in Denmark as Århus Festuge) commissioned us to make a new piece entitled ‘Lyden af København’ (The Sound of Copenhagen). The 23 minute long sound collage premiered August 30th 2013 in Århus, Denmark.

DR Kunstklub organised the collection of sounds that we have used. In May and June anyone could contribute with their own recordings of various sounds of Copenhagen. We received the sound files beginning of July and with Mads at the steering wheel we have created this new piece, which is based almost entirely on the collected field recordings. The only exception is a few added piano parts.

This is the first of four parts of ‘Lyden af København‘. To listen to it in its entirety you will have to travel to Aarhus. There will be a listening station in the foyer of Musikhuset, from August 30th to September 8th in the opening hours of the concert hall.

Sections of it will also be played before a string of events during the festival – including our concert and film screening tomorrow. The show is almost sold out so act now if you want to go.

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Lyden af København – New Piece for Århus Festival – Playing Now

August 30, 2013 by Rasmus

Århus Festival (known in Denmark as Århus Festuge) has commissioned us to make a new piece entitled ‘Lyden af København’ (The Sound of Copenhagen). The 23 minute long sound collage will premiere today August 30th in Århus, Denmark.

There will be a listening station in the foyer of Musikhuset playing ‘Lyden af København’ in its entirety from August 30th to September 8th in the opening hours of the concert hall.

Further, sections of it will be played at these 10 events:

31/8 before White Girl 19.45-19.55 – info
1/9 before Fyraftenssamtaler: Emmanuel Jal og Rune Skyum-Nielsen 15.45-15.55 – info
1/9 before White Girl: 19.45-19.55 – info
2/9 before Gammeljomfruen og Tyven 18.45-18.55 – info
2/9 before Dokumentarfilmen The Act of Killing 20.45-20.55 – info
3/9 before Gammeljomfruen og Tyven 16.45-16.55 – info
3/9 before Jim White 20.45-20.55 – info
4/9 before Efterklang Concert & The Ghost of Piramida 19.45-19.55 – info
4/9 before Fyraftenssamtale: Rune Lykkeberg og Tor Nørretranders 16.45-16.55 – info
5/9 before Montmartre 19.15-19.25 – info

DR Kunstklub organised the collection of sounds that we have used. In May and June anyone could contribute with their own recordings of various sounds of Copenhagen. We received the sound files beginning of July and with Mads at the steering wheel we have created this 23 minute long piece.

Here is an illustration made by Stephanie F. Scholz for ‘Lyden af København’. It will be printed on a postcard which will be distributed during the festival.

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WATCH: Efterklang Live at Route du Rock

August 29, 2013 by Rasmus

A few weeks back we played at the lovely French festival La Route du Rock in Saint-Malo. French TV was there and made a nice recording (audio and film). You can watch the concert if you click the photo below or here.

We will continue to tour throughout the year, but not as intensely as we have done in the first 8 months. We have shows coming up in England, Aarhus, The Netherlands, Hamburg, France and a longer Irish and UK tour in October. In November we will travel east. First in Europe and then in Asia – this tour will soon be announced.

Please check for an update on upcoming shows.


Photo by Mathieu Drouet

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