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Thanks to the Belgium Efterkids!

November 25, 2010 by Rasmus

Dear Emma, Carlista, Liselotte, Esther, Cato & Mira

You were so good! We will never forget the concert we played with you yesterday!
Keep playing music and being so cool and happy!

And thanks to your teacher Yumika as well!


best wishes
Thomas, Mads, Casper, Frederik, Heather, Niklas and Rasmus

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Efterkids found in Belgium!

November 22, 2010 by Rasmus

This week we play three concerts in Belgium (and one in Istanbul) and for the concert in Brussels we are happy to announce that we will be joined by 6 local Efterkids!

Efterkids is our attempt to raise awareness for the need for free music education in schools. It also works as a project that makes it possible for us to collaborate with kids across the globe in real life on stages but also online via the course material available at

For the concert at AB (Ancience Belgique) on Wednesday Yumika Lecluyze who teaches at the music school of Sint Agatha Berchem will bring 6 of her students who has been rehearsing on the string parts for Natural Tune and Full Moon the last couple of weeks. We look forward to meet the kids and play music with them. We don’t know their names yet, but we know that they are 8,10 and 11 years old and that Yumika teaches them after the Suzuki Method.

This is a list of the concerts we are playing this week:
(more concerts can be found here:

24.11 – Brussels, BE / AB Club (Spot on Denmark) / WITH EFTERKIDS / Tickets
25.11 – Hasselt, BE / Cultuurcentrum Hasselt / Tickets
26.11 – Roeselare, BE / Cultuurcentrum De Spil / Tickets
27.11 – Istanbul, TR / Babylon / Tickets


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Efterkids update

October 18, 2010 by Rasmus has been online for a week now and we already got a lot of nice coverage (like: DrownedinSound, Filter, Pitchfork). Thanks to all you guys who have spend time watching the videos and shared the info.

We don’t have an recent update on how much have been donated (as this is managed by 4AD in NYC) but we are expecting that we are close to the first goal which is a new computer and composer software for the Special Music School. Any donation no matter size is still welcome via

In the recent week we have also been in contact with good people in Brussels and Eindhoven. It looks like two new Efterkids performances are close to be confirmed! We look forward to share those news with you soon.

We also just uploaded the Efterkids performances to YouTube. But we still prefer you watch the videos at

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Efterkids, watch, donate & support Music Education

October 11, 2010 by Rasmus

It´s an honour for us to introduce our new project EFTERKIDS!

This weekend launched and same time our open invitation for talented kids around the world to join Efterkids.

Efterkids is an attempt to raise awareness of the need for music education in public schools and same time collaborate with talented kids across the globe. We are also hoping to raise some money for the cause and maybe you would consider donating? It would make us and a lot of kids very happy.

None of us in Efterklang have ever studied music on a higher level. Had it not been for encouraging music teachers in our public schools we would never have been where we are today. However that’s just one little positive outcome of music education in public schools. Several studies show that music education in schools has a major impact on kids. It fosters success in school life, social life and just life overall in fact. If you want to read up on this subject, then this link is a good place to start.

Efterkids took its beginning in February 2010. Here we collaborated with 6 talented kids from the Special Music School (P.S. 859) in New York. The collaboration can be seen on video at You can watch Efterklang & Efterkids perform Full Moon and Natural Tune. All very high tech as we were projected on a screen behind the kids and the communication took place via Skype.

As mentioned we are hoping to raise some money and the first project is to help The Special Music School to raise money for a computer and composer software for the kids. If you feel this is something you would like to donate money for, then please visit and simply press the donate button and select an amount you wish to donate.

Besides the two videos and the donation part also holds course material (scores, mp3s with string and without strings) for Natural Tune and Full Moon. And we are hereby inviting string playing kids and their teachers around the world to join Efterkids. Since our collaboration with the kids from The Special Music School we have collaborated with 6 kids from the Duisburg area for this years Traumzeit Festival and we have several other Efterkids events coming up. We would love to have more kids involved. You can play with us in your classrooms or at a special Efterkids event. Everything goes. Its all for fun, free and a good cause.

That’s it about Efterkids for now! We hope you will welcome this new project!

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