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More info on the Raincoats Single

August 26, 2010 by Rasmus

artwork by Hvass&Hannibal – click cover to buy single on iTunes

Here is some more info on our new Raincoats single. It was released as a digital single Monday this week (23rd August 2010) on 4AD and our own Rumraket label. This is the tracklist:

01: Raincoats (single edit)
02: Harmonics (covered by Peter Broderick & Nils Frahm)

Raincoats is the third single taken from our Magic Chairs album. The two previous ones were Modern Drift and I Was Playing Drums. The single version of Raincoats differs a tiny bit from the album version, hence the “single edit” extension to the name.

Track two is a cover of Harmonics (another Magic Chairs song) and we love this cover version! It is played and recorded by our two friends Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. Both are incredible solo artists and you should buy every record they have ever made.

As many of you know Peter Broderick has taken a break from the Efterklang live-band recently due to a knee injury, but we are happy to confirm once again that he will be with us on the upcoming North American tour. All dates can be found at

The artwork for Raincoats is made by Hvass&Hannibal and follows the same hand dyed ribbon theme as can be seen on the covers for Magic Chairs, Modern Drift and I Was Playing Drums.

BUY LINKS: iTunes (DK) – iTunes (UK) – eMusic

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Three New Releases Today!

August 23, 2010 by Rasmus

This will be short post followed by a longer once we get back to Denmark. We are in Wales right now.

Today August 23rd we release our new single Raincoats from our Magic Chairs album. It is out digitally bundled with a sweet cover of Harmonics made by Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. GET IT ON iTUNES

Today we also release new deluxe reissue versions of our albums Tripper and Parades including the EPs Springer and Under Giant Trees.

The new reissue versions comes as double CDs including a 16 page booklet and also two bonus tracks. You can read more about the releases via The Leaf Label. You can buy the reissues now using our webshop: or the Leaf Shop

More info coming soon – enjoy your Mondays!


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New and Free SlaraffenKLANG EP!

May 28, 2010 by Rasmus

Yesterday SlaraffenKLANG played live in Copenhagen and our secret guests for the show were no other than the famous Safri Duo. Great guys and incredible percussionists! We had a lot of fun!! There are no other SlaraffenKLANG shows planned for now, but instead we have a FREE live EP for you guys!

Over at you can now download SlaraffenKLANGs new live EP entitled Prinser & Vikinger live at The Royal Danish Playhouse.. The EP was recorded back in January the last time we played in Copenhagen and it features two mash-up songs where we have merged Efterklang songs with Slaraffenland songs. It also features Slaraffenland covering Efterklang and Efterklang covering Slaraffenland (our first cover ever).

DOWNLOAD: PRINSER & VIKINGER by SlaraffenKLANG (zip archive that holds 5 tracks, artwork and liner notes)

2: CUTTING ICE TO SNOW (Slaraffenland covers Efterklang)
3: POSTCARD (Efterklang covers Slaraffenland)

more info here:

We hope you like it!
If you do – you should download the other SlaraffenKLANG EP as well!

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December 18, 2008 by Rasmus

Please download and enjoy this free Live EP by Slaraffenklang!
A mutant band of Efterklang and Slaraffenland.

SLARAFFENKLANG – “Danish Dynamite Live at Sono Festival 2008″
There are 4 songs on the EP and a front cover is included in the zip archive as well.

Here is the story:
In May 2008 Efterklang & Slaraffenland were on a joint US tour under the name The Danish Dynamite Tour. Halfway through the tour the bands got a call from back home. The newly established Sono Festival wanted to hear if Slaraffenland and Efterklang could be interested in performing a special concert at their festival. After a very quick talk on the topic it was decided that everyone would love to play in a band with two drummers and a lot of distorted guitars and therefore the offer was accepted.

The 4 songs on this free live EP are all recorded at Sono Festival in Rødovre (a suburb to Copenhagen) November 8th 2008. This was the first and maybe also the last concert with Slaraffenklang. The idea is simple and fun. Slaraffenklang is the mutant band of Efterklang and Slaraffenland. There are 12 musicians on stage, all men, and the songs performed are covers of Efterklang and Slaraffenland. Sometimes just louder and more rumbling versions and sometimes in new slightly new arrangements.

Cutting Ice To Snow
Echo Wave
You Win

recorded, mixed and mastered by Petter Samuelsson.

Please Enjoy!

Bjørn, Casper, Christian, Frederik, Jeppe, Niklas, Mads, Mike, Peter, Rasmus, Rune & Thomas / SLARAFFENKLANG

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Day 2 – Efterklang Gift Week – a free cover version of Redrop!

October 14, 2008 by Rasmus

Redrop was released on our debut mini-album Springer in May 2003. This free MP3 is a cover version made by Josh Childs. We don´t know much about Josh. He emailed us this cover and we like it very very much! Thats basically all we know about Josh.

If Josh reads this then maybe he can comment with some info about himself and his music?

Redrop covered by Josh Childs

Download as MP3

If this made you curious you can listen to the orignal Redrop right here:

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Mirador video interpretation/remake by Molly (10) & Jojo (7)

July 7, 2008 by Rasmus

We have just come across this on youtube. It is über cool! We love it! Thank you Molly and Jojo!!!!!

Here is what Molly and Jojo´s Father says about the video:
Ever wonder what that strange video is about, with the little bird-guy? We sure did! We even wrote to Efterklang to ask them, but they never wrote back (red. we did write back actually). So what DO we know? Well for one thing, it seems that Danish people like to whisper and mumble when they sing: “Something smthg smthg smthg Mountains… smthg smthg smthg Sea…” Well, wonder no more! Here is the video that will explain it all for you! The new words are by Molly (10) and Jojo (7). It should all be perfectly clear to everyone after this!

Keyboards and vocals by Molly; Drums and vocals by Jojo. (Daddy helped with counting out all those weird “12′s” and “13′s”…)

Animation is by Molly, Jojo, Charlie and Daddy. We tried every kind of animation we could do in the living room: Forest World and Birdie Ski-Lift by Jojo; Paint World by Charlie (and Daddy); Lollipop World by Molly; BerryWorld by Daddy; Birdie and Fishie Flying by Molly and Jojo.

“The Extra Mounten” storybook by Jojo

(Weird Doors)

Wandering through the woods so far
Diving into the ocean
From clouds to sea
Just use the mountain to reach the sky…
La la la la, la la
Fall down from the flowers
Loopdy loop and fall
The extra mounten
Once there were mountens
The mounten was sad,
One day a Mama was getting a baby
The baby was coming
The baby came
Despite all the strange melting away
From lollypop Land
Painting a world
Look out for THE CROCODILE
Falling straight through
Blueberries and stars
Strawberries too

and now for the masterpiece video and new version of our song!

Watch the official music video by Nan Na Hvass & UFEX here

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