Private-Public Screenings Extended Until March 31st – Last Day to Sign Up to Host is March 20th

March 14, 2013 by Rasmus

There have been close to 700 Private-Public Screenings of The Ghost of Piramida within the last 5 weeks, so due to public demand it’s been decided to extended the period of this lovely little project.

Private-Public Screenings of Andreas Koefoed´s Efterklang film The Ghost of Piramida now runs until March 31st 2013.

The last possible day to sign up for hosting a Private-Public Screening is March 20th. You can sign up here:

The Rules for hosting a Private-Public Screening are very simple. If you are a private person or non profit organisation you can host a Private-Public Screening of the film.  You need to be able to accommodate minimum 5 people and entrance has to be kept free. You can read much more about the details at the project here:

Below you can watch the trailer for the film and some photos from Private-Public Screenings from around the world.

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