On a Special Instrument Found and Used on Piramida

August 14, 2012 by Rasmus

Today we would like to share a few photos with you. They are photos of a special instrument we found on our expedition to Piramida on Spitsbergen (aka Pyramiden on Svalbard) back in August 2011. We spent 9 days in this Arctic ghost town (just a 1000 KMs from the North Pole) collecting sounds and inspiration for the album we would afterwards write and record in Berlin.

The very first sound and melody you hear on our new song Hollow Mountain is recorded live on this instrument and samples from it are used throughout the rest of the song. We nicknamed this instrument Miss Piggy. It was one of our most favorite discoveries in the ghost town.

Hollow Mountain is the opening song on our forthcoming 4th album entitled Piramida which will be released on 4AD and Rumraket September 24th 2012 (25th in the US). Pre-Order of Piramida available here.

We wanted to tell you about this now, because tomorrow you’ll be able to listen to our new song Hollow Mountain. We hope you´ll like it.

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