We’re Looking for a Singer and a Drummer for our Live-Band [UPDATED]

July 10, 2012 by Rasmus

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - July 14] We have received so many emails (thank you!!) and can´t handle anymore. Please only get in touch if you are the new Whitney Houston (with a taste for Ligety) or if you are a girl drummer (with groove).


We are looking for a female singer to join our live-band. We are looking for someone in Berlin who is a trained singer and can sing soulful rock stuff like Talking Heads and who also can sing classical music style like Arvo Pärt for example. The soulful element is however the most important.

We will have auditions in Berlin August 2nd & 3rd. If you are interested then please write us at contact [at]

We are also looking for a drummer. Most of this year we are very fortunate to be playing with Budgie, but he can’t tour with us from December and onwards. If you play the drums, then get in touch. Auditions will be same days as auditions for singers.

The video here gives a good impression of what we are looking for. Enjoy! and Thank You!

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