Thomas leaves Efterklang

February 7, 2012 by Rasmus

Our dear friend, great musician and Efterklang drummer/trumpet player for over 10 years, Thomas Husmerhas decided to seek new adventures and is no longer a member of the band.He will be dearly missed in Efterklang, but we fully support and understand his decision. Please help us thanking him for all his contributions and the many memories. You can send Thomas a greeting in the comment field below.

Thomas has written a message to us all. Before you read it, please note that Thomas has not quit music. If you live in Copenhagen and would like to play music with him in some form, then he welcomes you to take contact.

Please also note that this is not the end of Efterklang. We (Casper, Mads and Rasmus) have been working on a new Efterklang album as a trio for 6 months now and we are very excited to report that it is going well with many new songs in progress. You can follow the process via our Twitter and Flickr pages.

Message from Thomas Husmer:

Dear friends and fans of Efterklang.

I feel so genuinely privileged to have been part of the Efterklang family and the whole Efterklang project. Over the past ten years we’ve done so much together. We’ve had so much fun and we’ve been so many fantastic places. From when we started out and until now, it’s been an adventure that exceeded all we ever dreamed of. Life with Efterklang has given me more than I could’ve ever imagined, and I’m forever thankful for everything. I’ve had the experience of my life on this crazy fantastic roller coaster ride!

It’s difficult for me to explain in few words why I’ve chosen to step back from something so dear to me. And I don’t expect anyone to fully understand. Lately my priorities in life have changed. I’ve felt the urge to dedicate myself to a more simple and domestic life closer to my family. And I’ve found it impossible to combine this with my life in Efterklang. This has been a very tough decision for me, but I feel good where I am right now. I’m a happy man with a rich past and an unrevealed future.

I want to thank my bandmates for all the great times we’ve had together. I want to thank my family and friends for all your support throughout this time. And I want to thank the Efterklang supporters for all the cheers and smiling faces. You all made my life richer.

With Love, Thomas

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