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WOW- European Album of the Year! – THANK YOU!

February 28, 2011 by Rasmus

We are honored to receive the IMPALA award for European Independent Album of The Year!

Magic Chairs came out a year ago now and currently we are on our last tour with these songs. It is a really good tour so far, we just feel really happy about everything. The record we have made, the many concerts we’ve played, the Efterkids project and of course An Island – the film we have made with Vincent Moon. Once this tour finishes in Copenhagen on March 18th we will take a break before we start working on our 4th album, but we are already full of ideas and motivation for making our next album – can’t wait to get started!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this past year. We are thankful that we are able to do this and we are grateful towards our many friends that help us in so many ways to create our records and to play concerts across the globe. Thank You!

Here is a goody video we did for IMPALA

EFTERKLANG – Thank You Message – IMPALA Award from IMPALA on Vimeo.

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European Tour Right Now!

February 26, 2011 by Rasmus

Last week we had a blast with our new project Efterklang+Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra at the Cross Linx Festival in Holland.

This week we started our tour with the 7-piece live band. So far we have played in Cardiff, Sheffield, Glasgow and Manchester. All four shows have been incredible – thank you all!!

This weekend we end the UK part of the tour in Newcastle and London and then we continue to Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and finally Copenhagen on March 18th.

When we played in Glasgow this thursday Jenny Soup was present and did this drawing of us. Daniel James (of Canon Blue) is missing in the drawing though as he was behind Casper and Rasmus from where Jenny stood in the audience. The Guardian gave us a 5 star review for the same concert – wow!

Here are all the remaining dates:

26.02 – NEWCASTLE GATESHEAD, UK / The Sage Gateshead, Hall Two / + screening of An Island / tickets
27.02 – LONDON, UK / Scala / + screening of An Island / tickets

01.03 – BRUSSELS, BE / Botanique / + screening of An Island / tickets
02.03 – TBA
03.03 – LYON (Feyzin), FR / Epicerie Moderne / + screening of An Island / tickets
04.03 – AARAU, CH / KIFF / + screening of An Island / tickets
05.03 – BASEL, CH / Hinterhof / + screening of An Island /
06.03 – ZÜRICH, CH / Stall 6 + screening of An Island / tickets
08.03 – VIENNA, A / Szene / + screening of An Island / tickets
09.03 – KOSICE, Slovakia / Memento More Festival @ Tabacka Kulturfabrik / + screening of An Island / tickets
10.03 – PRAGUE, CZ / Meet Factory / + screening of An Island / tickets
11.03 – LEIPZIG, DE / Centraltheater / + screening of An Island / tickets
12.03 – BREMEN, DE / Lagerhaus / + screening of An Island / tickets
13.03 – BERLIN, DE / Volksbühne /+ screening of An Island / tickets
14.03 – FRANKFURT, DE / Brotfabrik / + screening of An Island / tickets
15.03 – DORTMUND, DE / Konzerthaus / + screening of An Island / tickets
16.03 – HAMBURG, DE / Knust / + screening of An Island / tickets
17.03 – ROSTOCK, DE / Mau / + screening of An Island / tickets
18.03 – COPENHAGEN, DK / Amager Bio / tickets

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THIS WEEK ONLY: Efterklang+Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra

February 14, 2011 by Rasmus

We are starting rehearsals today with the full band and we are über excited! This might be the best band line-up for an Efterklang concert ever!!!

It is the usual 7-piece Efterklang live band with Daniel James (of Canon Blue) on guitar, Heather Broderick on piano and Peter Broderick on vibes and steel drum.

And then we have the brilliant Icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnason on Rhodes and then you add a saxophone quartet, a brass quartet and a classic percussionist

This all turns into Efterklang+Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra – our new 17 piece band!

We will be playing Efterklang songs with arrangements for the Messing Orchestra by Daniel Bjarnason.

We are playing 4 concerts with this special band this week. We will be visiting Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam and all shows are part of the CrossLinx Festival. The National and Owen Pallett are also on the bill and so is a line of other incredible artists.

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February 1, 2011 by Rasmus

Following yesterdays World Premiere of Vincent Moon and Efterklang’s film An Island in Latvia the Private-Public Screenings will now take place over the next two months.

More than 400 people have already signed up to host their own screenings
. This is truly incredible! Thank you!

You can read much more about this at
- and this is the direct link to the screening calendar.

Here is a sneak peak at a very cool Google Map our new friend Anders Havelund has been working on, It shows all the future screenings of An Island:

Vis stort kort

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World Premiere of AN ISLAND tonight in Latvia!

January 31, 2011 by Rasmus

Vincent Moon’s film An Island featuring yours truly will see its world premiere tonight in Cesis, Latvia of all places! This was decided by Vincent Moon and Efterklang via a contest at

Tomorrow starts the Official and the Private-Public Screenings of An Island. There are already more than 400 confirmed screenings of the film!

Please visit for more info

The World Premiere of An Island will take place here tonight!

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200+ Private-Public Screenings of AN ISLAND!

January 21, 2011 by Rasmus

There are now more than 200 confirmed Private-Public Screenings of our film An Island! This makes us very happy! And we know it makes director Vincent Moon very happy too!

Thanks to all who are hosting a screening and also to everyone who will be attending all these screenings. With so many screenings we have already exceeded our hopes and ambitions for this screening method and this even before the film premieres.


We should also let you know that the list of official screenings is growing too! We are hosting one ourselves in Amager Bio on March 20th. Peter Broderick will play live and then we will screen the film on a humongous screen with great sound. The entrance is only 30 kr. You can read more here.


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Introducing Private-Public Screenings of An Island!

January 12, 2011 by Rasmus

We have exciting news about AN ISLAND
- the film by Vincent Moon & Efterklang.

Allow us to introduce Private-Public Screenings
- You are hereby invited to screen An Island in your home!

Since we started sharing the news about An Island it’s been said that it will premiere in February and when we announced that An Island will support Efterklang on our upcoming European tour starting February 17th maybe some of you thought that would be the premiere – but that’s not the idea!

As of today Efterklang & Vincent Moon welcome all our listeners and followers to host their own screenings of An Island. From today people can sign up to host screenings and these will start February 1st and run until March 31st 2011.

We call these screenings Private-Public Screenings and the rules are very simple.
• The screenings need to have free entrance
• The screenings need to be public
• The screenings need to have a minimum capacity of 5 people
• The screenings need to be verified by Efterklang & Vincent Moon and only screenings that are featured on are official Private-Public Screenings

In other words as long as entrance is free and it is an open event (as capacity permits) the Private-Public Screenings can take place in your home, at a café, in a school auditorium or any place you can think of. It should be mentioned here that if you plan to host a Private-Public Screening in your home, then you are able to have full control over who can attend.

As of today it is possible to submit your own Private-Public Screening. For more information about hosting your own screening of An Island please visit

Also today we can reveal the 3rd teaser for An Island which also can be seen at

For an updated list of the current and future Official Screenings and Private-Public Screenings of An Island please go to:

We hope that a lot of people will host and attend screenings of An Island. The Private-Public Screenings are our attempt at creating a free and inspiring distribution method for our film. It is also our attempt to give something back to all of you out there! We have financed this film ourselves and we hope that we can recoup some of that money through donations. However, the memory of the 4 days we spent on the island of Als in August 2010 and our joy and pride of the finished film is a huge reward in itself.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil – here we come!

January 10, 2011 by Rasmus

In less than three weeks we will play our two first concerts in Brazil ever! Actually our first concerts in South America ever. Lets hope it will be the first visit of many more in the future.

The flights are booked and right now we are just waiting for our VISAs to go in order. Hopefully they will soon and if you live in Sao Paulo or near we hope to see you at the two concerts!

28.01 / Sao Paulo, BR / SESC Belenzinho / w. Søren Bebe Trio / tickets
29.01 / Sao Paulo, BR / SESC Belenzinho / w. Jakob Davidsen / tickets

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