Special Reich Effect Concert in Cork – July 30th

July 21, 2011 by Rasmus

Saturday July 30th we will be playing the last concert of the year. It will be a Efterklang + Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra concert and we are so happy to get the chance to play one last time with this special 17-piece band. As reported already the band consists of Efterklang (with Peter Broderick, Heather Woods Broderick and Daniel James (Canon Blue) + the icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnason + a brass quartet + a sax quartet and a classical percussionist.

The support for the concert will also be special! Heather Woods Broderick, Canon Blue and the 4 Messing saxes will all share the stage for 30 minutes that you don’t want to miss. Heather and Canon Blue will be playing songs from their solo records and the Messing saxes will play music of Artvark.

The concert is part of the Reich Effect Festival celebrating Steve Reich’s 75th year birthday.

30.07 / CORK, IE / Efterklang+Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra
@ Savoy Theatre / part of Reich Effect Festival organized by Cork Opera House

With special support concert featuring: Heather Woods Broderick, The Messing Saxes play music of Artvark & Canon Blue


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