The End of Rumraket (almost) – New Canon Blue Album!

June 8, 2011 by Rasmus

Back in 2003 we (the members of Efterklang) established the record label Rumraket out of necessity as no labels back then were interested in releasing our music. Shortly after we signed a record deal with The Leaf Label (and recently 4AD) and Rumraket was no longer a necessity it was something we loved to do on the side. We kept the label and signed Grizzly Bear as our first non-Efterklang band in 2005.

Rumraket released Grizzly Bear’s debut album Horn of Plenty in most parts of Europe, and this was followed by records from the rather obscure Japanese artists Cacoy and Kama Aina. Hereafter Rumraket became the base for bands like Slaraffenland (dk), Taxi Taxi! (se), Erik Levander (se) and Canon Blue (us). During the last six years we have released more than 25 titles – among them smaller releases from Our Broken Garden (dk) and amiina (is).

All that will now come to an end. August 29th Rumraket will release Rumspringa, the second album from American artist Canon Blue. Rumraket will not close entirely, but Rumspringa will be the last release on Rumraket, which isn’t an Efterklang release. We will continue to use the label as Efterklang’s base in Scandinavia and therefore this is only almost the end of Rumraket.

We are very proud of all the records we have released throughout the years and the many musicians and artists we have worked with are today some of our very best friends. We would can only thank them for so much wonderful music and memories.

We are closing Rumraket because we no longer have the resources and more importantly the time to run the label. When you are releasing records made by your best friends you want to do your absolute best, but with all our tours and other projects this is no longer possible for us.

The last (non Efterklang) release on Rumraket is as mentioned Canon Blue’s Rumspringa. We can’t think of a more appropriate record to end with. A tour de force if there ever was one, Rumspringa is a dynamic, lush and orchestral Magnum Opus. It has taken Daniel James aka Canon Blue more than two years completing this album and all his hard work has paid off.

Daniel James recorded the album in Copenhagen, Berlin and Reykjavik in close collaboration with Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen from Efterklang who helped produce the record. Mads also mixed the record which features guest appearances from members of Slaraffenland, Efterklang and amiina who recorded all the string parts in Iceland. Hvass&Hannibal will do the artwork for the record as they have with many others of the past Rumraket releases.

Rumspringa by Canon Blue will be released August 29th. Outside of Scandinavia the record will be released on American label Temporary Residence.

We look forward to share some music and more details about Rumspringa real soon.

Canon Blue photo by Thomas Husmer

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