Last day with Private-Public Screenings, Today!

March 31, 2011 by Barnabas

In January 2011, when we introduced the Private-Public Screening idea, as part of the AN ISLAND film release, we had no idea, what to expect. Over all we were hoping for around 200 Private-Public Screenings, during February & March, the period that we’d put aside for this experiment.

Now here we are on March 31st, the final day of the Private-Public Screenings project, with more than sixty screenings just on this very day. Everywhere from Beijing, China, over MÃ¥rslev, Denmark to Bogotá, Columbia, and a total of 1178 Private-Public Screenings during these past 2 months. It has been incredible to witness how the Private-Public Screening idea & the AN ISLAND film itself have been taking off and taken in by so many lovely people. We’ve received so much positive feedback and love during the past month, and even gained a gigantic collection of group photos from screenings all over the world (a few of them attached here).

THANK YOU ALL for welcoming Private-Public Screenings & AN ISLAND!

Very soon we will inform you about the future plans for the film. Please consider signing up for the newsletter if you wish to hear about these plans. And if you haven’t seen the film yet and is dying to do so, then check Twitter or Facebook tomorrow.

Have a look at all the group photos here

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