Efterkang & Turboweekend remix swap!

June 4, 2010 by Rasmus

Efter Weekend maybe?
In our recent newsletter we promised you that we would air a lot of new remixes soon. Today is first day of soon! Efterklang & Turboweekend are two very different bands, but we also have a lot of things in common. We both hail from Copenhagen, we both work closely with Hvass&Hannibal and Morten and Rasmus are even squash buddies!

Recently we have been working on a remix swap with Turboweekend and today we are ready to present these remixes for you. They are both available for free download. Enjoy!

Turboweekend remix of Efterklang’s song Full Moon
Download: Full Moon (Turboweekend Remix)
you can listen to the original on and on our Magic Chairs album of course…

Efterklang remix of of Turboweekend’s song Sweet Jezebel
Download: Sweet Jezebel (Efterklang Remix)
you can listen to the original on and on their Ghost of a Chance album

This is only the second official Efterklang remix ever! The first one we did was for Grizzly Bear back in 2005. The last artist to remix Turboweekend was DJ/rock star Tiësto -and yes we also follow him on Twitter and are intrigued by this DJ phenomena! It feels good to be the follow up to a Tiësto remix! hehe

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