Happy New Year Video Postcard! with 4 audio snippets!

January 1, 2010 by Rasmus

Hope you’re all enjoying yourself with family, champagne, coffee, friends, painkillers or whoever or whatever is around you today. Our tiny band have completely split up, for the cause of holiday, being literally spread all over the world. Thomas in Thailand, Rasmus in Istanbul, Casper in Toronto and Mads taking care of business in Copenhagen.

Guess we needed a little break from each other or just simply a little time with someone else. After all, we’ve been seeing the world collectively nearly everyday for the past couple of years, and very soon we’ll be joining forces again (tour dates 2010).

Wow! An entire decade just passed by, and the slipstream of nostalgia just reached our shore. From the view from our nose tips, it’s been a very very special one! Mainly because there was no Efterklang a decade ago, and secondly because we’re having the time of our life!

Lets look ahead. Just around the corner, on February 22nd (23rd in the US) 2010, we’ll release our 3rd studio album: Magic Chairs, coming out on our very own Rumraket label in Scandinavia and our brand new home 4AD in the rest of the world.

We’re ULTRA EXCITED to present it for you!!!

Here is a Happy New Year Video Postcard from our 4 corners of the world to all of you sweet people. The postcard includes 4 snippets of songs from Magic Chairs. Enjoy!


Rasmus, Mads, Thomas, Casper

Video postcard from Efterklang – Happy New Year!

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