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Copenhagen concert recommendations

May 21, 2009 by Rasmus

Our label mates (Leaf) A Hawk And a Hacksaw will be playing live in Copenhagen on Tuesday (May 26th) at Lille VEGA.
If you have the chance to go see them you should definitely go. They are always an incredible experience.

Our other label mates (Rumraket) Taxi Taxi! are playing tonight in Copenhagen at Loppen together with Skammens Vogn. Both bands comes highly recommended and all of us will definitely be there.

Taxi Taxi! also has a new EP out – Step Out Into The Light EP – you can get it at

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Casper and Rasmus are DJ´ing at Soupanatural tonight

May 8, 2009 by Rasmus

Yes we are indeed. Please come by if you are around. It was so much fun last time and we hope for the same tonight. As last time we are very bad at fulfilling requests, but if you bring your favorite song on a cd-r or iPod we will play it (if we like it)!

The party starts at 22:00
The address is Guldbergsgade 7A – Copenhagen N –
Their cocktails are very very good and as organic as cocktails can be!

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important info about the Performing Parades concert tonight!

April 25, 2009 by Rasmus

Apparently the tickets show different information about doors and concert start. Therefore we promised to pass on this correct schedule:

Doors: 6.30pm
Concert Start: 7pm SHARP

There is more info here:

Here is a picture from the rehearsals yesterday in Angel Studios in London – The people from Britten Sinfonia and FuseLeeds09 are all absolutely great by the way!

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Performing Parades in Leeds April 25th w. Britten Sinfonia

April 11, 2009 by Rasmus

We are very exited and happy because of our upcoming Performing Parades concert this month in Leeds. We will play our latest album Parades in its entirety just like we did last fall in Copenhagen with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

This time we will play with Britten Sinfonia and we look forward to it! We will be 39 musicians on stage and it is pure bliss that we can play this special concert again. We have been invited by the Fuse Festival to do this and we can´t thank those guys enough!

Click this link for info on the venue, program and Fuse Festival in general

photo by Agnete Schlichtkrüll / DR

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In a Dream in Theaters in USA!

April 8, 2009 by Rasmus

One of our songs is used in this wonderful and award winning documentary and outtakes from In a Dream was used for our Cutting Ice To Snow video.

The documentary has been screened at a vast number of film festivals over the last year and now finally you can see also go see it in a cinema! You have to be in USA to do so though… You can get all the info at their website –

Enjoy this trailer!

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Thank you North America!

April 6, 2009 by Rasmus

photos by Matthew Avignone
We just got home today and we were smiling all the way in the plane because this recent North American Tour has been absolutely amazing!

Thanks to everybody that came out to see us play. In total we did 27 concerts including 4 concerts at SXSW in Austin, Texas. We have played a lot of new songs on this tour and we look forward to record them soon – thanks for welcoming the new songs so kindly.

We would also like to send a special thanks to Heather Broderick, Peter Broderick and Daniel James aka Canon Blue for being in our live-band for this tour. You guys are incredible musicians and persons – THANKS!

A big thanks also goes to our new friend Todd Eskridge who engineered all the shows on this tour perfectly! We would also want to thank all the local bands that opened up for us all the venues and promoters.

We are very thankful today because we have millions of things to be thankful for!

Take Care!
Casper, Mads, Thomas and Rasmus

PS. We have just updated our photo blog at – Most of the pictures from this recent North American tour have been uploaded now. Have a look right here.

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Thank You SXSW!!!

March 23, 2009 by Barnabas

We had the most wonderful (and hectic) days here in Austin. A big big thanks to all of you sweet people attending our shows, some of you even all four of them:)

Also we want to apologies to all of you people who came out to Friend Island for our cancelled “Slaraffenklang” concert!!! We were re- scheduled at Emo’s in the evening and suddenly we couldn’t do both shows:(

This was our very first time at SXSW, and we were all blown away by the insanity of Austin city, the bright sun and all the amazing bands, but mostly we were blown away by you guys!

Much love from all of us

PS – the tour continues! Florida is up next!

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Changed SXSW Schedule for Saturday!

March 20, 2009 by Rasmus

Our Saturday has changed. We are playing at 9pm at EMO´s instead of 10pm and this will somehow also affect the Slaraffenklang concert. We can´t do that one at 6:45pm now so we will try to squeeze it in somehow at an earlier time at the Friend Island Day Party.

Saturday – 9pm @ The Agency Group Showcase / Emo’s

special Slaraffenklang appearance at SXSW
Saturday – at a time to be decided @ Friend Island / 301 Chicon Street

And thanks to all that came to our showcases last night!!
The first one was chaotic and included two mix-desks and our computer that all burned down in the heat. The last one at the Leaf and Hometapes showcase was an outburst of energy and a relief.

And Dont miss todays Danish Dynamite Party!!!!
Friday – Danish Dynamite Day Party / 1402 E 2nd Street
we are on at 3:20pm!

- Efterklang

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