Performing Parades – update and all the nice details!

August 26, 2009 by Rasmus

Hello! as you might know we will release Performing Parades our new CD&DVD & LP/DVD (live album and concert film) on October 19th 2009. The release is a collaboration with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra and everything was recorded live in Copenhagen last year.

In Denmark the release will be available via our own record label Rumraket
- click here for more info

In rest of the world the release will be available via The Leaf Label
- click for more info

Pre-order here:

The release is a new and live interpretation of our Parades album from 2007. The CD & LP part of Performing Parades holds the live audio of Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing the songs from Parades from start to finish in new arrangements. In many ways we actually think this version of Parades is stronger and better than the original Parades album.

The DVD part of this release holds a 55-minute concert film by Benjamin Hesselholdt entitled Performing Parades. The DVD also holds a 35-minute behind the scenes documentary entitled Recreating Parades by Ralf Christensen and Anders B√łtter. On top of all this you also get 6 music videos from the original Parades album and also an acoustic live performance of Mirador. We hope you will find all of this interesting!

We should also mention that we will be TOURING MOST OF THE FALL AS A 7-PIECE! click here for dates

Included in the tour is a PERFORMING PARADES CONCERT with BRITTEN SINFONIA in BARBICAN HALL, LONDON on October 28th – click here for tickets

AND FINALLY – This is how the front cover will look like! It is made by our favorite designers/artists Hvass&Hannibal

- Take care

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