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Efterklang on the telly – this sunday!

September 13, 2008 by Rasmus

this will be a quick announcement to the people living in Sweden and others who can watch SVT2 on their tellies!

This Sunday, September 14th SVT2 will broadcast a full hour dedicated to Efterklang between 7pm and 8 pm. They filmed us when we played live in Lund, Sweden last spring and I think the program will include some interviews or footage of us fooling around as well.

We would like to thank Mikael and the SVT2 team for being so super cool!
And we look forward to watch the program as well!

take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend

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Rumraket label nights kick off tonight!!

September 12, 2008 by Rasmus

hey weekend people!
Tonight and tomorrow night you can indulge yourself in lots of good live music presented by Rumraket – the label we run!

Unfortunately Our Broken Garden had to cancel their activities this weekend due to sickness (get well soon) – but luckily a very nice replacement has been found in Munck//Johnson!

This weekend looks like this:
sept 12 = Taxi Taxi! & Munck//Johnson & Erik Levander at Huset i Magstræde in Copenhagen
sept 13 = Taxi Taxi! & Munck//Johnson & Jacob Faurholt at Musikcafeen in Aarhus

More info here: Rumraket at Myspace

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Parades Concert Diary #1 – 9th September

September 11, 2008 by Barnabas

Hi All

As some of you already know, we’re preparing the biggest Efterklang concert event ever these days.

On Friday, September 26th We’ll be performing our latest album, Parades, from start to finish in two concerts on the same night. We will be joined on stage by The Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DR UnderholdningsOrkestret). We’ll be over 50 musicians on stage in what looks to be an amazing scenography by the wonderful Hvass&Hannibal It will all take place in the newly build Koncerthuset, Studie 2 in DR Byen (National Radio & TV broadcast center), Copenhagen!

The last couple of days we had the first rehearsals with the orchestra. It was the two best days we’ve had in a long time. It is such an amazing feeling and beyond words to hear our little baby Parades unfolding itself in a full blown live orchestra!!!

We’ll try to do a little photo/text update about the whole project up until September 26th. This is the first one, more to come…

The first day with the Orchestra:

The concert hall (Studie 2), where the Parades concert will take place. It’ll all look very different by then though…

This is Karsten Fundal (left), the musical score arranger of the concert and Erik Heide, the concert maestro (first violinist of the orchestra. We’ll play without a conductor, so Erik will be in charge of the orchestra

Today was a rehearsal only with the leaders of each instrument group

Ralf Christensen behind the camera. Ralf will be doing a documentary about the whole thing

You can read more about the concert here and buy tickets on (da/en)

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thank you Berlin and Leipzig!!

September 4, 2008 by Rasmus

a million thanks to all who was present at Lido in Berlin and at Conne Island in Leipzig!!! We had so much fun and everything felt perfect and you were so welcoming!!

next one up is Dresden!! see you soon!

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German & Austrian Tour Starts Tomorrow in Berlin! (Tuesday)

September 1, 2008 by Barnabas

Hello German and Austrian friends

Last time we visited you guys in the spring was such a wonderful experience!

This week (starting Tuesday in Berlin) we’re finally back:) This will be our last visit in your neighborhood for a long time… So we hope to see and greet you all!

Much love

Here’s the master plan:

September 2nd (Tuesday) – Berlin, DE / Lido / w Peter Broderick / tickets
September 3rd – Leipzig, DE / Conne Island / w Peter Broderick / tickets
September 4th – Dresden, DE / Scheune / w Peter Broderick / tickets
September 5th – Dortmund, DE / FZW / w Peter Broderick / tickets
September 6th – Cologne, DE / Kulturbunker Mülheim / w Peter Broderick / tickets
September 7th – Vienna, AT / Arena / w Our Broken Garden / tickets

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Rumraket label nights in Sweden and Denmark

August 31, 2008 by Rasmus

Rumraket will go on tour in September!
The Taxi Taxi! twins are finally back in Denmark, Slaraffenland will start their upcoming European tour, Our Broken Garden! will celebrate their recent release on Bella Union, Canon Blue will come all the way from the US and will play his shows with Thomas from Efterklang as the drummer and finally Erik Levander will perform one of his superb but rare concerts.

sep 12 = Taxi Taxi! & Erik Levander & Our Broken Garden at Huset in Copenhagen
sep 13 = Taxi Taxi! & Our Broken Garden & Jacob Faurholt at Musikcafeen in Aarhus
sept 17 = Taxi Taxi! & Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Debaser in Malmø
sept 18 = Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Rust in Copenhagen
sept 19 = Slaraffenland & Canon Blue at Musikcafeen in Aarhus
sept 20 = Taxi Taxi! & Slaraffenland & Canon Blue & Our Broken Garden at Studenterhuset in Aalborg

Hope to see you there!!

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Extra (Bombastic) Parades Concert in Copenhagen added!!!

August 21, 2008 by Barnabas

Hi all

As some of you already know, we’re right now preparing the most ambitious Efterklang concert ever and about to fulfill one of our biggest dreams!

On September 26th, 8PM we’ll be playing our latest album Parades in concert, from start till end, together with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DR UnderholdningsOrkestret) in the newly build DR Byen (National danish Radio/TV town) in Copenhagen, DK.

This will for the first time ever turn Efterklang into a 60 piece band for an exclusive performance! Read more here (english) and here (in danish)

We’ve just been informed that the tickets are selling fast… Therefore it’s been decided to add one extra show! The second concert will take place on the same date and spot just at 10PM (first one at 8PM)

This will certainly be a very special evening for us, and we hope share it with you!!!

Much Love from all of us

Tickets available here: (danish/english)

Photo by ColectivoAnguila

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Our very first Theatre Music Premieres on Saturday in Copenhagen!

August 18, 2008 by Barnabas

Hi all people of Copenhagen

Lately, we’ve been working on our very first theatre music. The play is called En Plads i mit Hjerte (a place in my heart), and we’ve composed all the music in the play. The premiere will take place on Saturday, September 23rd (the first couple of evenings are sold out though) and most days until September 20th on K1 (Kaleidoskop, Nørrebro).

We’re all extremely happy with both the process and result. It’s been very inspiring entering this art form for the first time. We’ve been given a lot of space to play with, by the whole fantastic team around this project, so we couldn’t have dreamt of a better debut than this…

If you have the chance, we recommend you (and your friends) to go see it! It’s all in danish but the acting and music are universal:)

Much love from all of us

More information here (in danish):

Tickets are available here (danish/english):

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Our first Acoustic Video Session is now Online!

August 17, 2008 by Barnabas

The sweet blog-folks from Le Cargo ask us to do an acoustic version of one of our songs (blogotheque style), earlier this year at the Dour Festival, BE. We chose to do Mirador, and it was so much fun!!! Enjoy yourself:)

Please comment here:

ps. Also we would like thank all the people who made it to our shows earlier this week with The National. We had such an incredible time, and the guys from the band are just as lovely and fantastic in persons as they sound!

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