Parades Concert Diary #2 – September 10th

September 19, 2008 by Barnabas

Hi all

A little late, but here’s an update on our preparations for the Parades Concert in Copenhagen, Day#2!

Today was really exciting, as this was our very first rehearsal with the whole orchestra. We tried 4 of the more “difficult” songs/arrangements, and the experience was overwhelming!!!
It’s hard to describe, but listening to the music for the first time played by an orchestra all together, feels so right. This first big rehearsal, was mostly about listening and getting used to the sound and general feel of the orchestra – so we were all waiting like small boys at the candy shop window:)

Can’t wait till next week, witch will be packed with rehearsals and preparations, up until the big concert day on Friday, September 26th!

You can read more about the concert here and buy tickets on (DA/EN)

Here’s a couple of Photo’s from the day:

The first sheet prints

it’s hard to get all in the picture, when there’re so many people, and your camera is way to small…

Thomas locked up in a drum prison, and Rasmus testing the big amp

Karsten Fundal (the arranger) and Rasmus being happy:)

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