Our very first Theatre Music Premieres on Saturday in Copenhagen!

August 18, 2008 by Barnabas

Hi all people of Copenhagen

Lately, we’ve been working on our very first theatre music. The play is called En Plads i mit Hjerte (a place in my heart), and we’ve composed all the music in the play. The premiere will take place on Saturday, September 23rd (the first couple of evenings are sold out though) and most days until September 20th on K1 (Kaleidoskop, Nørrebro).

We’re all extremely happy with both the process and result. It’s been very inspiring entering this art form for the first time. We’ve been given a lot of space to play with, by the whole fantastic team around this project, so we couldn’t have dreamt of a better debut than this…

If you have the chance, we recommend you (and your friends) to go see it! It’s all in danish but the acting and music are universal:)

Much love from all of us

More information here (in danish):

Tickets are available here (danish/english):

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