relief and joy – coming home to Denmark and SPOT

June 9, 2008 by Rasmus

Thursday June 5th I was traveling home to Denmark from Denver, Colorado as the last Efterklang member (the others left the day before) leaving USA and the great tour we had behind us. I hope we can come back soon as I really really liked touring in USA and the people and the reception we received – thank you!

OK – once again – I was traveling home on the 5th set to arrive 1pm in Copenhagen on June 6th exactly 12 hours before Efterklang was playing this years SPOT Festival. When I got to the airport in Denver I was told by 4 different United Airlines people that unfortunately I was going to miss my connecting flight in Chicago to Denmark due to storms. This meant I would have to stay another day in the US and more important that it would be impossible for me to play this years SPOT Festival which I was very psyched and motivated to do.

I called home and delivered the bad news to Casper from Efterklang and to Jesper our Danish booker. They immediately called around to check if we could play on the saturday instead and woke up about 15 people in the middle of the night I reckon.

I was feeling very sad and frustrated when something incredible happened! There was an earlier flight to Chicago which also was delayed and to which I was on the stand-by list for. It was completely sold-out and only 2 people got on the plane via stand-by. I was not among them, but then an airport miracle happened. One of the stewardesses went on board and came out and said that according to the computer the plane was full, but there was an empty seat in there and she pointed to me and said “get on board”.

I was so happy and thrilled. The joy and relief I felt when we played at SPOT is indescribable. It felt so good to be there. Playing for so many people and getting standing ovations two times of course helped extra on my mood. It was a great evening and a perfect way to end a month of touring in the USA.

the lovely audience at the SPOT Festival

notice the people on the balcony too! – photo by Peter Broderick from the stage

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