Good Copy Bad Copy

June 8, 2007 by Rasmus

Yesterday I sat down to watch this documentary – Good Copy Bad Copy – about copyrights. Over the two past years I have read a bunch of articles on the subject, I have witnessed panel debates on the issue and had many discussions about it with friends and people who likes music…

I have to say this documentary has everything and more even so! It takes you through well known issues like sampling in hip-hop to IFPI´s and RIAA´s legal actions against the youngsters who love music the most to interesting perspectives from the Nigerian film industry and the Brazilian Techno Brega movement. It is entertaining, it is full of surprizes it has great music, clipping and heroes and villains who share their knowledge and thoughts about copyright in this internet and digital driven age.

This documentary is simply great! I recommend to visit their website where you will find a link so you can download/watch the entire film and if you like you can also donate money to the filmmakers: Ralf Christensen, Henrik Moltke & Andreas Johnson who we can thank for this little masterpiece.

WEBSITE: Good Copy Bad Copy Go visit!

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