The Last days – of the last 1.5 year

May 15, 2007 by Barnabas

Hello everyone
A little update on our coming full-lenght album!

Yesterday we packed our bags of equipment and good spirit and headed for the Sun Studio in Copenhagen! Mads & Darren Allison spent all of their time during the last week, systemizing and listening to all the sound bites in the sessions that we’ll be mixing in this very studio.
Now they are working even harder to make it all come out the best possible way. Its a total thrill, finally to watch this happen!

Most of the songs are around 180 tracks in protools (which is nuts – we know!) but we need them to fit into a 64 track mix desk. The logistics of this operation is quite complicated. Today, Mads & Darren will be screwing the final knobs and pushing the last buttons on the very first song (working title: “23.30″) in the mix and on the actual album. Final bounce of “23.30″ is tomorrow morning and then over the next 3 weeks our new album will be completely finished, depending on all the luck we can think of!

It’s absolutely surreal, exiting and scary at the same time.
Mads & Darren Allison
Much love from all of us

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