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March 27, 2007 by Rasmus

Number 1:

The new Deerhoof album is great! It is called Friend Oppurtunity and Im glad i got the opportunity to become friends with this insanely great album…

Number 2:

Listen to: Ernie and the sandstorm, old man and the seaMP3

The new Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band album. It is called FFFFOO K TSSCCH and if you buy the vinyl version then it comes with a 12″ (side a & d) and a 7″ (side b & c) and artwork printed and cut in hand by Zven Balslev aka Smittekilde

Number 3
is the local shop where I bought these two records. It is called Sort Kaffe and Vinyl and it is my favorite place to buy coffee and music. The music selection is small but essential and forward looking at the same time. And the place (as the name suggests) also is a coffee house with very friendly prices! It´s located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen – the street is Skydebanegade…

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