Slaraffenland takes Rumraket to the land of milk and honey

March 7, 2007 by Rasmus

We have exiting news regarding Rumraket – the label that we run!

Slaraffenland is danish for the “land of milk and honey” and it is also the name of a great band that will release their album, Private Cinema, on Rumraket May 14th!!

Efterklang and Slaraffenland share a bandmember and actually their new album is recorded on the same studio equipment that we recorded our album Tripper on!

Is May the 14th too long time for you to wait? Why don´t you listen to the song Polaroids already now then? It has just been added to Rumraket´s myspace player and you can also download it directly here:

Slaraffenland – Polaroids – from Private Cinema -
Download MP3

If you live in Texas, Colorado or Arkansas then watch out for Slaraffenland! They are travelling the long way from Copenhagen tomorrow to play in your fine cities. Check the concert dates at

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