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January 18, 2007 by Rasmus

P Jørgensen This is Peter Jørgensen. For the next 3 weeks he will help our little imprint Rumraket with building a mailorder store online. Yesterday a funny coincidence happended. The Danish TV-program LIGA runs a very nice website and yesterday they posted and recommended two songs. One of them were the cover of Step Aside (see below) and the other one was a

song, that at the moment is, called Demo by P Jørgensen. And yes P Jørgensen is the Peter Jørgensen who right now is sitting on the other side of my desk programming! His music is very nice. Atmospheric soundscapes using everyday sounds weaved into long drifting colurful soundprocessings.

To read the special post and download the music go to
You can visit P Jørgensen at

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