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January 14, 2007 by Rasmus

We have been looking forward to this. Finally we are ready to share our new homepage with you. This site is very easy for us to use and also very easy for you, our dear visitor, to use. So please feel free to write comments and explore our new home on the net!

Because this is sort of a housewarming we are giving away a new download. It is a cover of our song Step Aside by the swedish musician Tobias Hellkvist. We like his version extremely much and hope that you will too!

Download: Step Aside (Efterklang cover by Tobias Hellkvist) as mp3.

Jonas Lindgren – our new friend We owe a lot of gratitude to another swede for helping us fix and program this new site. Jonas Lindgren is a true gentleman and internet wiz! He has spend hours on programming this site! He also makes experimental music and runs a very nice blog.

By the way, the header and footer illustrations on this site are made by Nan Na Hvass. They are part of the massive amount of art she has put together for our coming mini-album release Under Giant Trees.

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